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Star of David


      n   an emblem symbolizing Judaism and consisting of a six-pointed star formed by superimposing one inverted equilateral triangle upon another of equal size,   (Also called)    Magen David  
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1    any of a vast number of celestial objects that are visible in the clear night sky as points of light  
a    a hot gaseous mass, such as the sun, that radiates energy, esp. as light and infrared radiation, usually derived from thermonuclear reactions in the interior, and in some cases as ultraviolet, radio waves, and X-rays. The surface temperature can range from about 2100 to 40000°C  
   See also       Hertzsprung-Russell diagram       giant star       white dwarf       neutron star       black hole  
b    (as modifier)  
a star catalogue         Related adjs       astral       sidereal       stellar  
3      (Astrology)  
a    a celestial body, esp. a planet, supposed to influence events, personalities, etc.  
b    pl      another name for       horoscope       1  
4    an emblem shaped like a conventionalized star, usually with five or more points, often used as a symbol of rank, an award, etc.  
5    a small white blaze on the forehead of an animal, esp. a horse  
6      (Also called)    star facet   any of the eight triangular facets cut in the crown of a brilliant  
a    a distinguished or glamorous celebrity, often from the entertainment world  
b    (as modifier)  
star quality     
8       another word for       asterisk  
9    Prison slang   a convict serving his first prison sentence  
10    see stars   to see or seem to see bright moving pinpoints of light, as from a blow on the head, increased blood pressure, etc.  
      vb   , stars, starring, starred  
11    tr   to mark or decorate with a star or stars  
12    to feature or be featured as a star  
``Greed'' starred Erich von Stroheim, Olivier starred in ``Hamlet''     
     (Old English steorra; related to Old Frisian stera, Old Norse stjarna, German Stern, Latin stella)  
  starless      adj  
  starlike      adj  

      adj   prenominal   consisting of star performers  
Barnard's star  
      n   a red dwarf star in the constellation Ophiuchus having the largest proper motion known  
     (C20: named after E. E. Barnard)  
      n   any of several echinoderms of the genus Gorgonocephalus, in which long slender arms radiate from a central disc: order Ophiuroidea (brittle-stars)  
binary star  
      n   a double star system containing two associated stars revolving around a common centre of gravity in different orbits. A visual binary can be seen through a telescope. A spectroscopic binary can only be observed by the spectroscopic Doppler shift as each star moves towards or away from the earth,   (Sometimes shortened to)    binary      See also       optical double star       eclipsing binary  
blazing star  
      n     (U.S.)  
1    a North American plant, Chamaelirium luteum, with a long spike of small white flowers: family Compositae (composites)  
2    any plant of the related North American genus Liatris, having clusters of small red or purple flowers  
      n   any echinoderm of the class Ophiuroidea, occurring on the sea bottom and having five long slender arms radiating from a small central disc  
   See also       basket-star  
1    an actor who shares star billing with another  
      vb   , -stars, -starring, -starred  
2    intr; often foll by: with   to share star billing (with another actor)  
3    tr   to present as sharing top billing  
the film co-starred Mae West and W. C. Fields     
dark star  
      n   an invisible star known to exist only from observation of its radio, infrared, or other spectrum or of its gravitational effect, such as an invisible component of a binary or multiple star  
Dog Star  
the      another name for       Sirius  
double star  
      n   two stars, appearing close together when viewed through a telescope; either physically associated (see binary star) or not associated (optical double star)  
dwarf star  
      n   any unevolved star, such as the sun, lying in the main sequence of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram,   (Also called)    main-sequence star      See also       red dwarf       white dwarf  
evening star  
      n   a planet, usually Venus, seen just after sunset during the time that the planet is east of the sun  
   Compare       morning star  
exploding star  
      n   an irregular variable star, such as a nova, supernova, or flare star, in which rapid increases in luminosity occur, caused by some form of explosion  
falling star  
      n      an informal name for       meteor  
feather star  
      n   any free-swimming crinoid echinoderm of the genus Antedon and related genera, living on muddy sea bottoms and having ten feathery arms radiating from a small central disc  
film star  
      n   a popular film actor or actress  
      adj   (of a hotel) first-class, top-quality, or offering exceptional luxury  
fixed star  
1    any of the stars in the Ptolemaic system, all of which were thought to be attached to an outer crystal sphere thus explaining their apparent lack of movement  
2    an extremely distant star whose position appears to be almost stationary over a long period of time  
flare star  
      n   a red dwarf star in which outbursts, thought to be analogous to solar flares, occur, increasing the luminosity by several magnitudes in a few minutes  
giant star  
      n   any of a class of stars, such as Capella and Arcturus, that have swelled and brightened considerably as they approach the end of their life, their energy supply having changed,   (Sometimes shortened to)    giant      Compare       supergiant  
morning star  
      n   a planet, usually Venus, seen just before sunrise during the time that the planet is west of the sun,   (Also called)    daystar      Compare       evening star  
multiple star  
      n   a system of three or more stars associated by gravitation  
   See also       binary star  
neutron star  
      n   a star that has collapsed under its own gravity to a diameter of about 10 to 15 kilometres. It is composed solely of neutrons, has a mass of between 1.4 and about 3 times that of the sun, and a density in excess of 1017 kilograms per cubic metre  
North Star  
      n      the. another name for       Polaris       1  
optical double star  
      n   two stars that appear close together when viewed through a telescope but are not physically associated and are often separated by a great distance  
   Compare       binary star  
pole star  
      n   a guiding principle, rule, standard, etc.  
Pole Star  
      n   the. the star closest to the N celestial pole at any particular time. At present this is Polaris, but it will eventually be replaced by some other star owing to precession of the earth's axis  
pulsating star  
      n   a type of variable star, the variation in brightness resulting from expansion and subsequent contraction of the star  
radio star  
      n      a former name for       radio source  
shell star  
      n     (Astronomy)   a type of star, usually of spectral type B to F, surrounded by a gaseous shell  
shooting star  
      n      an informal name for       meteor  
1    a West Indian sapotaceous tree, Chrysophyllum cainito, with smooth-skinned edible greenish-purple fruit  
2    the fruit of this tree which, when cut across, reveals a star-shaped arrangement of seeds  
Star Chamber  
1      (English history)   the Privy Council sitting as a court of equity, esp. powerful under the Tudor monarchs; abolished 1641  
2    sometimes not caps   any arbitrary tribunal dispensing summary justice  
3    sometimes not caps   (in Britain, in a Conservative government) a group of senior ministers who make the final decision on the public spending of each government department  
star connection  
      n   a connection used in a polyphase electrical device or system of devices in which the windings each have one end connected to a common junction, the star point, and the other end to a separate terminal  
   See also       Y connection  
    delta connection  
      adj   dogged by ill luck; destined to misfortune  
     (C16: from cross (in the sense: thwart): so called because of the astrological belief that the stars affect people's destinies)  
star fruit  
      n      another name for       carambola  
star grass  
      n   any of various temperate and tropical plants of the amaryllidaceous genus Hypoxis, having long grasslike leaves and yellow star-shaped flowers  
star-nosed mole  
      n   an E North American amphibious mole, Condylura cristata, having a ring of pink fleshy tentacles around the nose  
1      (Also called)    starflower   a Eurasian liliaceous plant, Ornithogalum umbellatum, naturalized in the eastern U.S., having narrow leaves and starlike white flowers  
2    any of several similar and related plants  
Star of Bethlehem  
      n   the star that is supposed to have appeared above Bethlehem at the birth of Christ  
Star of Courage  
      n   a Canadian award for bravery  
Star of David  
      n   an emblem symbolizing Judaism and consisting of a six-pointed star formed by superimposing one inverted equilateral triangle upon another of equal size,   (Also called)    Magen David  
star ruby  
      n   a ruby that resembles a starlike figure in reflected light because of its crystalline structure  
star sapphire  
      n   a sapphire showing a starlike figure in reflected light because of its crystalline structure  
star shell  
      n   an artillery shell containing a flare or other illuminant: often containing a parachute to prolong the descent of the illuminating material  
      adj   marked or decorated with stars  
Star-Spangled Banner  
1    the national anthem of the United States of America  
2       another term for the       Stars and Stripes  
star stream  
      n   one of two main streams of stars that, because of the rotation of the Milky Way, appear to move in opposite directions, one towards Orion, the other towards Ara  
      adj   featuring a large proportion of well-known actors or other performers  
a star-studded cast     
star system  
1      (Astronomy)   a group of celestial bodies that are associated as a result of natural laws  
2    the practice of casting one or two famous actors or actresses in a film, play, etc., so that their popularity ensures its success  
3    a design for laying cables for cable television in which each house is fed by an individual cable from a local central distribution point  
star thistle  
      n   any of several plants of the genus Centaurea, esp. C. calcitrapa, of Eurasia, which has spiny purplish flower heads: family Compositae (composites)  
   See also       centaury       2  
     (C16: so called because it has a thistle-shaped flower surrounded by radiating spines)  
Star Wars  
      n   functioning as sing  
1    (in the U.S.) a proposed system of artificial satellites armed with lasers to destroy enemy missiles in space,   (Formal name)    Strategic Defense Initiative     (Abbrev.)    SDI  
2    modifier; sometimes not caps   of, relating to, or denoting this system  
Star Wars defence, star wars policy     
     (C20: popularly named after the science fiction film Star Wars (1977) by George Lucas)  
      adj   denoting or relating to a cable television system in which only one or two programme channels are fed to each subscriber, who can select other channels by remote control of a central switching point  
a switched-star network         Compare       tree-and-branch  
variable star  
      n   any star that varies considerably in brightness, either irregularly or in regular periods. Intrinsic variables, in which the variation is a result of internal changes, include novae, supernovae, and pulsating stars  
   See also       eclipsing binary  
Wolf-Rayet star  
      n   any of a small class of very hot intensely luminous stars surrounded by a rapidly expanding envelope of gas  
     (C19: named after Charles Wolf (1827--1918) and Georges Rayet (1839--1906), French astronomers)  

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1    heavenly body  
2    big name, celeb     (informal)   celebrity, draw, idol, lead, leading man or lady, luminary, main attraction, megastar     (informal)   name  
3    brilliant, celebrated, illustrious, leading, major, paramount, principal, prominent, talented, well-known  

North Star     
lodestar, Polaris, Pole Star  

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