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Suffolk punch


      n   a breed of draught horse with a chestnut coat and short legs  
     (C18: from dialect punch squat, short and thick)  
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Suffolk          [1]  
      n   a county of SE England, on the North Sea: its coast is flat and marshy, indented by broad tidal estuaries. Administrative centre: Ipswich. Pop.: 649500 (1994 est.). Area: 3800 sq. km (1467 sq. miles)  

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Suffolk, Suff., suffixal

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A punch delivered in a Friday or Saturday night fight that is so powerful that the opponent does not regain consciousness until Sunday.
a punch in the face
[Fam.];[Fig.];[Hum.] Ex.: French: "What do they call a knuckle sandwich?" English friend: "If someone offers you a knuckle sandwich, you'd better decline it; he's about to thump you in the face!"
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