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1    the star that is the source of heat and light for the planets in the solar system. It is a gaseous body having a highly compressed core, in which energy is generated by thermonuclear reactions (at about 15 million °C), surrounded by a less dense convective zone serving to transport the energy to the surface (the photosphere). The atmospheric layers (the chromosphere and corona) are normally invisible except during a total eclipse. Mass and diameter: 333000 and 109 times that of earth respectively; mean distance from earth: 149.6 million km (1 astronomical unit)  
   Related adj       solar  
2    any star around which a planetary system revolves  
3    the sun as it appears at a particular time or place  
the winter sun     
4    the radiant energy, esp. heat and light, received from the sun; sunshine  
5    a person or thing considered as a source of radiant warmth, glory, etc.  
6    a pictorial representation of the sun, often depicted with a human face  
7    Poetic   a year or a day  
8    Poetic   a climate  
9    Archaic   sunrise or sunset (esp. in the phrase from sun to sun)  
10    catch the sun   to become slightly sunburnt  
11    place in the sun   a prominent or favourable position  
12    take or shoot the sun     (Nautical)   to measure the altitude of the sun in order to determine latitude  
13    touch of the sun   slight sunstroke  
14    under or beneath the sun   on earth; at all  
nobody under the sun eats more than you do     
      vb   , suns, sunning, sunned  
15    to expose (oneself) to the sunshine  
16    tr   to expose to the sunshine in order to warm, tan, etc.  
     (Old English sunne; related to Old High German sunna, Old Frisian senne, Gothic sunno)  
  sunlike      adj  

Land of the Midnight Sun  
1    any land north of the Arctic Circle, which has continuous daylight throughout the short summer, esp. N parts of Norway, Sweden, and Finland  
2       an informal name for       Lapland  
mean sun  
      n   an imaginary sun moving along the celestial equator at a constant speed and completing its annual course in the same time as the sun takes to move round the ecliptic at a varying speed. It is used in the measurement of mean solar time  
midnight sun  
      n   the sun visible at midnight during the summer inside the Arctic and Antarctic circles  
mock sun  
      n      another name for       parhelion  
      abbrev. for   Sunday  
sun bath  
      n   the exposure of the body to the rays of the sun or a sun lamp, esp. in order to get a suntan  
sun bear  
      n   a small bear, Helarctos malayanus, of tropical forests in S and SE Asia, having a black coat and a yellowish snout and feeding mostly on honey and insects,   (Also called)    honey bear  
sun bittern  
      n   a cranelike bird, Eurypyga helias, of tropical American forests, having a greyish plumage with orange and brown wings: family Eurypygidae, order Gruiformes (cranes, rails, etc.)  
sun blind  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)   a blind, such as a Venetian blind, that shades a room from the sun's glare  
sun block  
      n   a chemical, usually in the form of a cream, applied to exposed skin to block out all or almost all of the ultraviolet rays of the sun  
      adj   cured or preserved by exposure to the sun  
sun dance  
      n   a North American Indian ceremony associated with the sun, performed at the summer solstice  
sun deck  
1    an upper open deck on a passenger ship  
2      (Austral. and N.Z.)   a balcony or deck attached to a house, used for sunbathing  
sun disc  
      n   a disc symbolizing the sun, esp. one flanked by two serpents and the extended wings of a vulture, used as a religious figure in ancient Egypt  
      adj   dried or preserved by exposure to the sun  
1    the sun considered as a personal deity  
2    a deity associated with the sun or controlling its movements  
Sun King  
      n      the. an epithet of       Louis XIV  
sun lamp  
1    a lamp that generates ultraviolet rays, used for obtaining an artificial suntan, for muscular therapy, etc.  
2    a lamp used in film studios, etc., to give an intense beam of light by means of parabolic mirrors  
sun lounge   ,   (U.S.)   sun parlor  
      n   a room with large windows positioned to receive as much sunlight as possible  
Sun Yat-sen  
      n   1866--1925, Chinese statesman, who was instrumental in the overthrow of the Manchu dynasty and was the first president of the Republic of China (1911). He reorganized the Kuomintang  
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      n   daystar     (poetic)   eye of heaven, Helios     (Greek myth)   Phoebus     (Greek myth)   Phoebus Apollo     (Greek myth)   Sol     (Roman myth)  
      vb   bake, bask, sunbathe, tan  

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sun lover n.
someone who loves being in the sun, sunbathing etc

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to lie lazily (in the sun): lizards bask on rocks, people bask on beaches. Also fig: to bask in someone's reflected glory; to bask in media attention.
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