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1    (until 1974) a county of SE England, now divided into the separate counties of East Sussex and West Sussex  
2    (in Anglo-Saxon England) the kingdom of the South Saxons, which became a shire of the kingdom of Wessex in the early 9th century a.d  
3    a breed of red beef cattle originally from Sussex  
4    a heavy and long-established breed of domestic fowl used principally as a table bird  

East Sussex  
      n   a county of SE England comprising part of the former county of Sussex: mainly undulating agricultural land, with the South Downs and seaside resorts in the south: Brighton and Hove became an independent unitary authority in 1997 but is part of the geographical and ceremonial county. Administrative centre: Lewes. Pop. (including Brighton and Hove): 726500 (1994 est.). Area (including Brighton and Hove): 1795 sq. km (693 sq. miles)  
E. Sussex  
      abbrev. for   East Sussex  
Sussex spaniel  
      n   a short-legged breed of spaniel with a golden-liver coloured coat  
     (so named because it was bred in Sussex, in the late 18th century)  
West Sussex  
      n   a county of SE England, comprising part of the former county of Sussex. Administrative centre: Chichester. Pop.: 714100 (1989 est.). Area: 1989 sq. km (768 sq. miles)  
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