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Tarabulus el Gharb


      n   transliteration of the Arabic name for Tripoli (Libya)  
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1    the capital and chief port of Libya, in the northwest on the Mediterranean: founded by Phoenicians in about the 7th century b.c.; the only city that has survived of the three (Oea, Leptis Magna, and Sabratha) that formed the African Tripolis (``three cities''); fishing and manufacturing centre. Pop.: 591062 (1988 est.),   (Ancient name)    Oea     (Arabic name)    Tarabulus el Gharb         
2    a port in N Lebanon, on the Mediterranean: the second largest town in Lebanon; taken by the Crusaders in 1109 after a siege of five years; oil-refining and manufacturing centre. Pop.: 240000 (1991 est.),   (Ancient name)    Tripolis     (Arabic name)    Tarabulus esh Sham  

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