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1    Saint. Also called: doubting Thomas. one of the twelve apostles, who refused to believe in Christ's resurrection until he had seen his wounds (John 20:24--29). Feast day: July 3 or Dec. 2l or Oct. 6  
2      (French)   Ambroise (ɑ̃brwaz). 1811--96, French composer of light operas, including Mignon (1866)  
3    Dylan (Marlais) ('dɪlən). 1914--53, Welsh poet and essayist. His works include the prose Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (1940), the verse collection Deaths and Entrances (1946), and his play for voices Under Milk Wood (1954)  
4    (Philip) Edward, pen name Edward Eastaway. 1878--1917, British poet and critic: killed in World War I  
5    R(onald) S(tuart). born 1913, Welsh poet and clergyman. His collections include Song at the Year's Turning (1955), Not that He Brought Flowers (1968), and Laboratories of the Spirit (1975)  

doubting Thomas  
      n   a person who insists on proof before he will believe anything; sceptic  
     (after Thomas (the apostle), who did not believe that Jesus had been resurrected until he had proof)  
John Thomas  
Slang      a taboo name for       penis  
Saint Thomas  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , St Thomas  
1    an island in the E Caribbean, in the Virgin Islands of the U.S. Capital: Charlotte Amalie. Pop.: 48166 (1990). Area: 83 sq. km (28 sq. miles)  
2       the former name (1921--37) of       Charlotte Amalie  
Thomas à Kempis  
      n      See (Thomas à)       Kempis  
Thomas Becket  
      n      Saint. See (Saint Thomas)       Becket  
Thomas of Erceldoune  
      n   called Thomas the Rhymer. ?1220--?97, Scottish seer and poet; reputed author of a poem on the Tristan legend  
Thomas of Woodstock  
      n   1355--97, youngest son of Edward III, who led opposition to his nephew Richard II (1386--89); arrested in 1397, he died in prison  
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