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! Web Death exp.
The choice of web suicide or deletion of interactions for one’s own amounts to web death with regard to ones internet life.

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A set of one’s web assets, created with the intention of facilitating the transference of online assets and value upon ones death.
Built up System within the web, whereby one’s web assts can be gathered and stored.
to create an image of the individual web history by web footprints
The rights of ownership and power for transference of one’s web assets belong to the individual.
Potential of web system and mechanism for eternal life exists within the cyberspace.
the end of an user’s Internet activity after his or her physical death
disconnection of active online presence and accounts upon user's death.
the automated system where an archive or interactions are stored.
symbolically killing one’s internet unique identity.
software designed to prevent advertisements from appearing on web pages
[Comp.] Ex: Aware that using an ad blocker may deprive of revenue the websites I like the most, I use it as a filter to authorize some ads and delete the most agressive and intrusive ones.
way of traveling in which you go from one apartment to another usually sleeping on a couch, and either at friends, acquaintances or through a web site
online footprint left by an user, available across the world wide web.
what remains of someone's life in cyber space after his or her death
Mydriasis Unilateral : because medication, loss of Eye inervation . Bilateral profound pupillary areflexia isssen in very profound Coma , Cardiac Arrest or in Death
medical term
patient in prehospital setting in Profound Coma or in Cardiac Arrest that could be a Donor afer hospital verification of cerebral death and none contraindications
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1    the permanent end of all functions of life in an organism or some of its cellular components  
2    an instance of this  
his death ended an era     
3    a murder or killing  
he had five deaths on his conscience     
4    termination or destruction  
the death of colonialism     
5    a state of affairs or an experience considered as terrible as death  
your constant nagging will be the death of me     
6    a cause or source of death  
7    usually cap   a personification of death, usually a skeleton or an old man holding a scythe  
a    to death or to the death   until dead  
bleed to death, a fight to the death     
b    to death   excessively  
bored to death     
9    at death's door   likely to die soon  
10    catch one's death (of cold)  
Informal   to contract a severe cold  
11    do to death  
a    to kill  
b    to overuse (a joke, etc.) so that it no longer has any effect  
12    in at the death  
a    present when an animal that is being hunted is caught and killed  
b    present at the finish or climax  
13    like death warmed up  
Informal   very ill  
14    like grim death   as if afraid of one's life  
15    put to death   to kill deliberately or execute,   (Related adjs)        fatal       lethal       mortal     (Related prefixes)        necro-       thanato-  
     (Old English death; related to Old High German tod death, Gothic dauthus)  

Black Death  
      n   the. a form of bubonic plague pandemic in Europe and Asia during the 14th century, when it killed over 50 million people  
   See       bubonic plague  
brain death  
      n   irreversible cessation of respiration due to irreparable brain damage, even though the heart may continue beating with the aid of a mechanical ventilator: widely considered as the criterion of death  
civil death  
      n     (Law)   (formerly) the loss of all civil rights because of a serious conviction  
   See also       attainder  
cot death  
      n   the unexplained sudden death of an infant during sleep,   (Technical name)    sudden infant death syndrome     (Also called (U.S. and Canadian))    crib death  
crib death  
      n      the U.S. and Canadian term for       cot death  
dance of death  
      n   a pictorial, literary, or musical representation, current esp. in the Middle Ages, of a dance in which living people, in order of social precedence, are led off to their graves, by a personification of death,   (Also called (French))    danse macabre  
death adder  
      n   a venomous Australian elapid snake, Acanthophis antarcticus, resembling an adder  
death camp  
      n   a concentration camp in which the conditions are so brutal that few prisoners survive, or one to which prisoners are sent for execution  
death cap   , angel  
      n   a poisonous woodland saprotrophic basidiomycetous fungus, Amanita phalloides, differing from the edible mushroom (Agaricus) only in its white gills (pinkish-brown in Agaricus) and the presence of a volva  
   See also       amanita  
death cell  
      n   a prison cell for criminals sentenced to death  
death certificate  
      n   a legal document issued by a qualified medical practitioner certifying the death of a person and stating the cause if known  
      adj   fatal; lethal  
death duty  
      n   a tax on property inheritances: in Britain, replaced in 1975 by capital transfer tax and since 1986 by inheritance tax,   (Also called)    estate duty  
death futures  
      pl n   life insurance policies of terminally ill people that are bought speculatively for a lump sum by a company, enabling it to collect the proceeds of the policies when the sufferers die  
death grant  
      n   (in the British National Insurance scheme) a grant payable to a relative, executor, etc., after the death of a person  
death knell   , bell  
1    something that heralds death or destruction  
2    a bell rung to announce a death  
death mask  
      n   a cast of a person's face taken shortly after death  
   Compare       life mask  
death penalty  
      n   often preceded by: the   capital punishment  
death rate  
      n   the ratio of deaths in a specified area, group, etc., to the population of that area, group, etc.,   (Also called (esp. U.S.))    mortality rate  
death rattle  
      n   a low-pitched gurgling sound sometimes made by a dying person, caused by air passing through an accumulation of mucus in the trachea  
death ray  
      n   an imaginary ray capable of killing  
death row   , house  
      n     (U.S)   the part of a prison where those sentenced to death are confined  
death seat  
      n     (U.S. and Austral)  
slang   the seat beside the driver of a vehicle  
      n   a human skull or a representation of one  
death's-head moth  
      n   a European hawk moth, Acherontia atropos, having markings resembling a human skull on its upper thorax  
Death Valley  
      n   a desert valley in E California and W Nevada: the lowest, hottest, and driest area of the U.S. Lowest point: 86 m (282 ft.) below sea level. Area: about 3885 sq. km (1500 sq. miles)  
death-valley curve  
      n   a curve on a graph showing how the capital of a new company plotted against time declines sharply as the venture capital is used up before income reaches predicted levels  
death warrant  
1    the official authorization for carrying out a sentence of death  
2    sign one's (own) death warrant   to cause one's own destruction  
death wish  
      n   (in Freudian psychology) the desire for self-annihilation  
   See also       Thanatos  
heat death  
      n     (Thermodynamics)   the condition of any closed system when its total entropy is a maximum and it has no available energy. If the universe is a closed system it should eventually reach this state  
kiss of death  
      n   an act or relationship that has fatal or disastrous consequences  
     (from Judas' kiss that betrayed Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:44--45))  
living death  
      n   a life or lengthy experience of constant misery  
near-death experience  
      n   an experience, instances of which have been widely reported, in which a person near death is apparently outside his body and aware of it and the attendant circumstances as separate from him,   (Abbrev.)    NDE  
sudden death  
1    (in sports, etc.) an extra game or contest to decide the winner of a tied competition  
2    an unexpected or quick death  
sudden infant death syndrome  
      n      a technical term for       cot death     (Abbrev.)    SIDS  
wall of death  
      n   (at a fairground) a giant cylinder round the inside walls of which a motorcyclist rides  
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