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arms embargo n.
a ban or a partial prohibition on trade of weapons with a particular country, in order to isolate it

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he is trying to perusal-de someone to do what he doesn't want to do. Il fait pression sur moi.
be very expensive; cost a lot
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      pl n  
1    weapons collectively  
   See also       small arms  
2    military exploits  
prowess in arms     
3    the official heraldic symbols of a family, state, etc., including a shield with distinctive devices, and often supports, a crest, or other insignia  
4    bear arms  
a    to carry weapons  
b    to serve in the armed forces  
c    to have a coat of arms  
5    in or under arms   armed and prepared for war  
6    lay down one's arms   to stop fighting; surrender  
7    present arms     (Military)  
a    a position of salute in which the rifle is brought up to a position vertically in line with the body, muzzle uppermost and trigger guard to the fore  
b    the command for this drill  
8    take (up) arms   to prepare to fight  
9    to arms!   arm yourselves!  
10    up in arms   indignant; prepared to protest strongly  
     (C13: from Old French armes, from Latin arma; see arm2)  

arms race  
      n   the continuing competitive attempt by two or more nations each to have available to it more and more powerful weapons than the other(s)  
canting arms  
      pl n     (Heraldry)   a coat of arms making visual reference to the surname of its owner  
coat of arms  
1    the heraldic bearings of a person, family, or corporation  
2    a surcoat decorated with family or personal bearings  
college of arms  
      n   any of several institutions in the United Kingdom having a royal charter to deal with matters of heraldry, grant armorial bearings, record and trace genealogies, etc.,   (Also called)    heralds college  
      n   pl   , gentlemen-at-arms   a member of the guard who attend the British sovereign on ceremonial and state occasions  
      n   pl   , kings-of-arms  
1    the highest rank of heraldic officer, itself divided into the ranks of Garter, Clarenceaux, and Norroy and Ulster. In Scotland the first is Lyon  
2    a person holding this rank  
Lyon King of Arms  
      n   the chief herald of Scotland,   (Also called)    Lord Lyon  
     (C14: archaic spelling of lion, referring to the figure on the royal shield)  
      n   pl   , men-at-arms   a soldier, esp. a heavily armed mounted soldier in medieval times  
      n   pl   , masters-at-arms   the senior rating, of Chief Petty Officer rank, in a naval unit responsible for discipline, administration, and police duties  
officer of arms  
      n     (Heraldry)   a pursuivant or herald  
order arms  
      n     (Military)   the order in drill to hold the rifle close to the right side with the butt resting on the ground  
sergeant at arms  
1    an officer of a legislative or fraternal body responsible for maintaining internal order  
2    (formerly) an officer who served a monarch or noble, esp. as an armed attendant,   (Also called)    sergeant, serjeant at arms, serjeant  
serjeant at arms  
      n      a variant spelling of       sergeant at arms  
side arms  
      pl n   weapons carried on the person, by sling, belt, or holster, such as a sword, pistol, etc.  
small arms  
      pl n   portable firearms of relatively small calibre  
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