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barn dance


1      (Brit)   a progressive round country dance  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)   a party with hoedown music and square-dancing  
3    a party featuring country dancing  
4    a disco or party held in a barn  
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barn          [1]  
1    a large farm outbuilding, used chiefly for storing hay, grain, etc., but also for housing livestock  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)   a large shed for sheltering railroad cars, trucks, etc.  
3    any large building, esp. an unattractive one  
4    modifier   relating to a system of poultry farming in which birds are allowed to move freely within a barn  
barn eggs     
     (Old English beren, from bere barley + ærn room; see barley1)  

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dance in a both sensual and provocative manner involving a low squatting stance while thrusting hips and buttocks movements suggesting a sexual acte
Ex.: In 2013, a pop star twerking on stage at the MTV VMA created a huge buzz on social networks making the term "twerk" popular worldwide and likely contributing towards its entry in the dictionary
person skilled for an activity, especially for one involving motion (like sports; dance)
una canción de los 90
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