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bog oak


      n   oak or other wood found preserved in peat bogs; bogwood  
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1    wet spongy ground consisting of decomposing vegetation, which ultimately forms peat  
2    an area of such ground  
3    a place or thing that prevents or slows progress or improvement  
4       a slang word for       lavatory       1  
5      (Austral)  
slang   the act or an instance of defecating,   (See also)        bog down       bog in  
     (C13: from Gaelic bogach swamp, from bog soft)  
  boggy      adj  
  bogginess      n  

blanket bog  
      n   a very acid peat bog, low in nutrients, extending widely over a flat terrain, found in cold wet climates  
bog asphodel  
      n   either of two liliaceous plants, Narthecium ossifragum of Europe or N. americanum of North America, that grow in boggy places and have small yellow flowers and grasslike leaves  
bog cotton  
      n      another name for       cotton grass  
bog deal  
      n   pine wood found preserved in peat bogs  
bog down  
      vb   , bogs, bogging, bogged   adv; when tr, often passive   to impede or be impeded physically or mentally  
bog in  
      vb   , bogs, bogging, bogged   intr, adv     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
1    to start energetically on a task  
2    to start eating; tuck in,   (Also (prep))    bog into  
bog moss  
      n      another name for       peat moss  
bog myrtle  
      n      another name for       sweet gale  
bog oak  
      n   oak or other wood found preserved in peat bogs; bogwood  
bog orchid  
      n   an orchid, Hammarbya (or Malaxis) paludosa, growing in sphagnum bogs in the N hemisphere. It has greenish-yellow flowers and its leaves bear a fringe of tiny bulbils  
bog rush  
      n   a blackish tufted cyperaceous plant, Schoenus nigricans, growing on boggy ground  
raised bog  
      n     (Ecology)   a bog of convex shape produced by growth of sphagnum and other bog plants in acid conditions and the subsequent build up of acid peat  

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fen, marsh, marshland, mire, morass, moss     (Scot. & Northern English dialect)   peat bog, quagmire, slough, swamp, wetlands  

bog down     
delay, halt, impede, sink, slow down, slow up, stall, stick  

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