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1    any of the various structures that make up the skeleton in most vertebrates  
2    the porous rigid tissue of which these parts are made, consisting of a matrix of collagen and inorganic salts, esp. calcium phosphate, interspersed with canals and small holes  
   Related adjs       osseous       osteal  
3    something consisting of bone or a bonelike substance  
4    pl   the human skeleton or body  
they laid his bones to rest, come and rest your bones     
5    a thin strip of whalebone, light metal, plastic, etc., used to stiffen corsets and brassieres  
6    pl   the essentials (esp. in the phrase the bare bones)  
to explain the bones of a situation     
7    pl   dice  
8    pl      an informal nickname for a       doctor  
9    close to or near the bone  
a    risqué or indecent  
his jokes are rather close to the bone     
b    in poverty; destitute  
10    feel in one's bones   to have an intuition of  
11    have a bone to pick   to have grounds for a quarrel  
12    make no bones about  
a    to be direct and candid about  
b    to have no scruples about  
13    point the bone   often foll by: at     (Austral)  
a    to wish bad luck (on)  
b    to threaten to bring about the downfall (of)  
      vb   mainly tr  
14    to remove the bones from (meat for cooking, etc.)  
15    to stiffen (a corset, etc.) by inserting bones  
16    to fertilize with bone meal  
17      (Brit)      a slang word for       steal     (See also)        bone up  
     (Old English ban; related to Old Norse béin, Old Frisian ben, Old High German bein)  
  boneless      adj  

Bône     (French)  
      n      a former name of       Annaba  
bone ash  
      n   the residue obtained when bones are burned in air, consisting mainly of calcium phosphate. It is used as a fertilizer and in the manufacture of bone china  
bone bed  
      n     (Geology)   a sediment containing large quantities of fossilized animal remains, such as bones, teeth, scales, etc  
bone china  
      n   porcelain containing bone ash  
a    completely dry  
a bone-dry well     
b    (postpositive)  
the well was bone dry     
bone idle  
      adj   very idle; extremely lazy  
bone marrow  
      n      See       marrow   1       1  
bone meal  
      n   the product of dried and ground animal bones, used as a fertilizer or in stock feeds  
bone of contention  
      n   the grounds or subject of a dispute  
bone oil  
      n   a dark brown pungent oil, containing pyridine and hydrocarbons, obtained by the destructive distillation of bones  
bone turquoise  
      n   fossilized bone or tooth stained blue with iron phosphate and used as a gemstone,   (Also called)    odontolite  
bone up  
      vb   adv; when intr, usually foll by: on  
Informal   to study intensively  
brittle bone disease  
      n      the nontechnical name for       osteogenesis imperfecta  
cannon bone  
      n   a bone in the legs of horses and other hoofed animals consisting of greatly elongated fused metatarsals or metacarpals  
cartilage bone  
      n   any bone that develops within cartilage rather than in a fibrous tissue membrane  
   Compare       membrane bone  
coffin bone  
      n   the terminal phalangeal bone inside the hoof of the horse and similar animals  
crazy bone  
      n      a U.S. name for       funny bone  
dry-bone ore  
      n      a mining term for       smithsonite  
fetter bone  
      n      another name for       pastern       2  
frontal bone  
      n   the bone that forms the front part of the skull  
funny bone  
      n   the area near the elbow where the ulnar nerve is close to the surface of the skin: when it is struck, a sharp tingling sensation is experienced along the forearm and hand,   (Also called (U.S.))    crazy bone  
haunch bone  
      n      a nontechnical name for the       ilium       hipbone  
heel bone  
      n      the nontechnical name for       calcaneus  
innominate bone  
      n   either of the two bones that form the sides of the pelvis, consisting of three fused components, the ilium, ischium, and pubis,   (Nontechnical name)    hipbone  
membrane bone  
      n   any bone that develops within membranous tissue, such as the clavicle and bones of the skull, without cartilage formation  
   Compare       cartilage bone  
occipital bone  
      n   the saucer-shaped bone that forms the back part of the skull and part of its base  
parietal bone  
      n   either of the two bones forming part of the roof and sides of the skull  
rag-and-bone man  
      n     (Brit)   a man who buys and sells discarded clothing, furniture, etc,   (Also called)    ragman, ragpicker     (U.S. equivalent)    junkman  
sphenoid bone  
      n   the large butterfly-shaped compound bone at the base of the skull, containing a protective depression for the pituitary gland  
splint bone  
      n   one of the rudimentary metacarpal or metatarsal bones in horses and similar animals, occurring on each side of the cannon bone  
stirrup bone  
      n      the nontechnical name for       stapes  
     (C17: so called because of its stirrup-like shape)  
T-bone steak  
      n   a large choice steak cut from the sirloin of beef, containing a T-shaped bone  
temporal bone  
      n   either of two compound bones forming part of the sides and base of the skull: they surround the organs of hearing  
tympanic bone  
      n   the part of the temporal bone in the mammalian skull that surrounds the auditory canal  
zygomatic bone  
      n   either of two bones, one on each side of the skull, that form part of the side wall of the eye socket and part of the zygomatic arch; cheekbone,   (Also called)    malar, malar bone  
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bad to the bone adj.
extremely bad
about humans

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