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brown sugar


      n   sugar that is unrefined or only partially refined  
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1    any of various colours, such as those of wood or earth, produced by low intensity light in the wavelength range 620--585 nanometres  
2    a dye or pigment producing these colours  
3    brown cloth or clothing  
dressed in brown     
4    any of numerous mostly reddish-brown butterflies of the genera Maniola, Lasiommata, etc., such as M. jurtina (meadow brown): family Satyridae  
5    of the colour brown  
6    (of bread) made from a flour that has not been bleached or bolted, such as wheatmeal or wholemeal flour  
7    deeply tanned or sunburnt  
8    to make (esp. food as a result of cooking) brown or (esp. of food) to become brown  
     (Old English brun; related to Old Norse brunn, Old High German brun, Greek phrunos toad, Sanskrit babhru reddish-brown)  
  brownish, browny      adj  
  brownness      n  

1    Sir Arthur Whitten ('wɪtən). 1886--1948, British aviator who with J. W. Alcock made the first flight across the Atlantic (1919)  
2    Ford Madox. 1821--93, British painter, associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. His paintings include The Last of England (1865) and Work (1865)  
3    George (Alfred), Lord George-Brown. 1914--85, British Labour politician; vice-chairman and deputy leader of the Labour party (1960--70); foreign secretary 1966--68  
4    George Mackay. 1921--96, Scottish poet, novelist, and short-story writer. His works, which include the novels Greenvoe (1972) and Magnus (1973), reflect the history and culture of Orkney  
5    (James) Gordon. born 1951, British Labour politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1997  
6    Herbert Charles. born 1912, U.S. chemist, who worked on the compounds of boron. Nobel prize for chemistry 1979  
7    James. born 1928, U.S. soul singer and songwriter, noted for his dynamic stage performances and for his commitment to Black rights  
8    John. 1800--59, U.S. abolitionist leader, hanged after leading an unsuccessful rebellion of slaves at Harper's Ferry, Virginia  
9    Lancelot, called Capability Brown. 1716--83, British landscape gardener  
10    Michael (Stuart). born 1941, U.S. physician: shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1985) for work on cholesterol  
11    Robert. 1773--1858, Scottish botanist who was the first to observe the Brownian movement in fluids  
brown algae  
      pl n   any algae of the phylum Phaeophyta, such as the wracks and kelps, which contain a brown pigment in addition to chlorophyll  
brown bear  
      n   a large ferocious brownish bear, Ursus arctos, inhabiting temperate forests of North America, Europe, and Asia  
   See also       grizzly bear       Kodiak bear  
brown coal  
      n      another name for       lignite  
brown creeper  
      n   a small bush bird, Finschia novaeseelandiae, of South Island, New Zealand,   (Also called)    bush canary  
brown dwarf  
      n   a type of celestial body midway in size between a large planet and a small star, thought to be one possible explanation of dark matter in the universe  
brown earth  
      n   an intrazonal soil of temperate humid regions typically developed under deciduous forest into a dark rich layer (mull): characteristic of much of southern and central England  
brown fat  
      n   tissue composed of a type of fat cell that dissipates as heat most of the energy released when food is oxidized; brown adipose tissue. It is present in hibernating animals and human babies and is thought to be important in adult weight control  
brown goods  
      pl n     (Marketing)   consumer goods such as televisions, radios, or videos  
   Compare       white goods       1  
brown lung disease  
      n      another name for       byssinosis  
Taboo slang  
1    to be abjectly subservient (to); curry favour (with)  
2    an abjectly subservient person; sycophant  
     (C20: from the notion that a subservient person kisses the backside of the person with whom he is currying favour)  
brown owl  
      n      another name for       tawny owl  
Brown Owl  
      n      a name (no longer in official use) for       Brownie Guider  
brown paper  
      n   a coarse unbleached paper used for wrapping  
brown rat  
      n   a common brownish rat, Rattus norvegicus: a serious pest in all parts of the world,   (Also called)    Norway rat  
brown rice  
      n   unpolished rice, in which the grains retain the outer yellowish-brown layer (bran)  
brown rot  
1    a disease of apples, peaches, etc., caused by fungi of the genus Sclerotinia and characterized by yellowish-brown masses of spores on the plant surface  
2    decay of timber caused by the action of fungi on the cellulose  
brown seaweed  
      n      another term for       brown algae  
Brown Shirt  
1    (in Nazi Germany) a storm trooper  
2    a member of any fascist party or group  
brown snake  
      n     (Austral)   any of various common venomous snakes of the genus Pseudonaja  
      adj   (of linen and lace fabrics) undyed  
brown study  
      n   a mood of deep absorption or thoughtfulness; reverie  
brown sugar  
      n   sugar that is unrefined or only partially refined  
brown-tail moth  
      n   a small brown-and-white European moth, Euproctis phaeorrhoea, naturalized in the eastern U.S. where it causes damage to shade trees: family Lymantriidae (or Liparidae)  
   See also       tussock moth  
brown trout  
      n   a common brownish variety of the trout Salmo trutta that occurs in the rivers of N Europe and has been successfully introduced in North America  
   Compare       sea trout       1  
march brown  
      n   an angler's name for the dun and spinner of various mayflies or an artificial fly imitating one of these  
olive brown  
a    a dull yellowish-brown to yellowish-green colour  
b    (as adj)  
an olive-brown coat     
seal brown  
a    a dark brown colour often with a yellowish or greyish tinge  
b    (as adj.)  
a seal-brown dress     
turkey brown  
      n   an angler's name for a species of mayfly, Paraleptophlebia submarginata  
Vandyke brown  
a    a moderate brown colour  
b    (as adj)  
a Vandyke-brown suit     
2    any of various brown pigments, usually consisting of a mixture of ferric oxide and lampblack  
wall brown  
      n   any of three species of brown butterfly, esp. the common Lasiommata megera, that habitually sun themselves on rocks and walls  

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      adj   auburn, bay, brick, bronze, bronzed, browned, brunette, chestnut, chocolate, coffee, dark, donkey brown, dun, dusky, fuscous, ginger, hazel, rust, sunburnt, tan, tanned, tawny, toasted, umber  
      vb   cook, fry, grill, sauté, seal, sear  

brown study     
absorption, abstractedness, abstraction, contemplation, meditation, musing, preoccupation, reflection, reverie, rumination  

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chestnut candied in sugar syrup and glazed
From French. Plur. : "marrons glacés".
sentence containing all letters of a given alphabet at least once.The canonical example in English is: 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'.
A perfect pangram contains each letter of the alphabet just once and thus is far more difficult to come up with. The best seems to be: 'Mr. Jock, TV quiz PhD, bags few lynx'.
the complete opposite of a sugar daddy, one who tries, but is broke and fronting.
[Slang] salty mama
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