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china stone


1    a type of kaolinized granitic rock containing unaltered plagioclase  
2    any of certain limestones having a very fine grain and smooth texture  
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kaolin   , kaoline  
      n   a fine white clay used for the manufacture of hard-paste porcelain and bone china and in medicine as a poultice and gastrointestinal absorbent,   (Also called)    china clay, china stone         
     (C18: from French, from Chinese Kaoling Chinese mountain where supplies for Europe were first obtained, from kao high + ling hill)  
  kaolinic      adj  
  kaolinize      vb  

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china          [1]  
1    ceramic ware of a type originally from China  
2    any porcelain or similar ware  
3    cups, saucers, etc., collectively  
4    modifier   made of china  
     (C16 chiny, from Persian chini)  

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ceramics, crockery, porcelain, pottery, service, tableware, ware  

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