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      n   pl   , -aries  
a    a reference book that consists of an alphabetical list of words with their meanings and parts of speech, and often a guide to accepted pronunciation and syllabification, irregular inflections of words, derived words of different parts of speech, and etymologies  
b    a similar reference book giving equivalent words in two or more languages. Such dictionaries often consist of two or more parts, in each of which the alphabetical list is given in a different language  
a German-English dictionary     
c    (as modifier)  
a dictionary definition         See also       glossary       lexicon       thesaurus  
2    a reference book listing words or terms of a particular subject or activity, giving information about their meanings and other attributes  
a dictionary of gardening     
3    a collection of information or examples with the entries alphabetically arranged  
a dictionary of quotations     
     (C16: from Medieval Latin dictionarium collection of words, from Late Latin dictio word; see diction)  

data dictionary  
      n     (Computing)   an index of data held in a database and used to assist in the access to data,   (Also called)    data directory  
dictionary catalogue  
      n   a catalogue of the authors, titles and subjects of books in one alphabetical sequence  
Diccionario de inglés definición  


concordance, encyclopedia, glossary, lexicon, vocabulary, wordbook  

Diccionario de inglés sinónimos  

dictionary n.
set of words and word groups together with their definition, translation, grammar category or usage examples, and which can be searched through an index or a search engine

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artificial long word coined to mean a lung disease known as silicosis, a type of pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of ultra-microscopic particles of crystalline silica volcanic dust. It has the particularity of being the longest word in the English language published in a dictionary
Longer tech. terms exist (up to 189,819 letters!).The word, presumably coined in 1935 by E.M. Smith (pres. of the National Puzzlers'League) in imitation of very long medical terms, contains 45 letters
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