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end on a high note exp.
finalize smth. successfully / in a positive manner
E.g.: The negotiations were tough, but they ended on a high note

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expression referring to a high amount of effort, dedication, endurance for pursuing a cause, achieving a goal
He put blood, sweat and tears in making this movie
buttocks of (adult) woman
Slang; refers to a person's "bottom," in American English. A bit more polite than "ass," less clinical than "buttocks."
go to the extreme; do everything that could be done; exhaust all possibilities and resources
comfortably; extravagantly
be negatively impacted by a situation, event.
E.g.: The building is being renovated, but for the moment people living there get the short end of the stick.
get drunk or take drugs; get high
share ideas based on a similar experience
[Fig.] E.g.: They were both going through a divorce, so they met to compare notes.
person born at the end of the 90s ; persons starting their teen life of the beginning of the years 2000
the end of an user’s Internet activity after his or her physical death
term used to reffer to a person that thinks the end of the world is near
stop employing someone ; end a romantic relationship with someone
used to point out that small problems or unpleasant events can in the end help things get better
(in neomarxist thought) the second main exploitive social class: The bourgeoisie of formation. The members of the formoisie have human capital, receive high wages (the most frequently thanks to their diplomas) and consume more than the world GDP. (neologism 1993 Yanick Toutain)
[Hum. Sc.] The formoisie is the social class that created social-democracy and stalinism.
A small short-term loan, with very high interest rates, that the borrower promises to repay on or near the next payday. Used by wage earners who run short of cash before payday. Payday lending is an established form of lending in the US and Canada.
Also: payday advance, overnight loan.
an urban photography trend consisting in taking the pics from the top (and usually the edge) of high buildings
renewable energy obtainable on coasts based on the sea or ocean low and high tides
a form of workout based on the usage of high heels
also called legwork
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1    being a relatively great distance from top to bottom; tall  
a high building     
2    situated at or extending to a relatively great distance above the ground or above sea level  
a high plateau     
a    postpositive   being a specified distance from top to bottom  
three feet high     
b    (in combination)  
a seven-foot-high wall     
4    extending from an elevation  
a high dive     
5    in combination   coming up to a specified level  
6    being at its peak or point of culmination  
high noon     
7    of greater than average height  
a high collar     
8    greater than normal in degree, intensity, or amount  
high prices, a high temperature, a high wind     
9    of large or relatively large numerical value  
high frequency, high voltage, high mileage     
10    (of sound) acute in pitch; having a high frequency  
11    (of latitudes) situated relatively far north or south from the equator  
12    (of meat) slightly decomposed or tainted, regarded as enhancing the flavour of game  
13    of great eminence; very important  
the high priestess     
14    exalted in style or character; elevated  
high drama     
15    expressing or feeling contempt or arrogance  
high words     
16    elated; cheerful  
high spirits     
17    predicative  
Informal   overexcited  
by the end of term the children are really high     
18    Informal   being in a state of altered consciousness, characterized esp. by euphoria and often induced by the use of alcohol, narcotics, etc.  
19    luxurious or extravagant  
high life     
20    advanced in complexity or development  
high finance     
21    (of a gear) providing a relatively great forward speed for a given engine speed  
   Compare       low   1       21  
22      (Phonetics)   of, relating to, or denoting a vowel whose articulation is produced by raising the back of the tongue towards the soft palate or the blade towards the hard palate, such as for the ee in English see or oo in English moon  
   Compare       low   1       20  
23    cap when part of name   formal and elaborate in style  
High Mass     
24    usually cap   of or relating to the High Church  
25    remote, esp. in time  
26      (Cards)  
a    having a relatively great value in a suit  
b    able to win a trick  
27    high and dry   stranded; helpless; destitute  
28    high and low   in all places; everywhere  
29    high and mighty  
Informal   arrogant  
30    high as a kite  
a    very drunk  
b    overexcited  
c    euphoric from drugs  
31    high opinion   a favourable opinion  
32    at or to a height  
he jumped high     
33    in a high manner  
34      (Nautical)   close to the wind with sails full  
35    a high place or level  
36    Informal   a state of altered consciousness, often induced by alcohol, narcotics, etc.  
37       another word for       anticyclone  
38       short for       high school  
39    cap   (esp. in Oxford) the High Street  
40      (Electronics)   the voltage level in a logic circuit corresponding to logical one  
   Compare       low   1       30  
41    on high  
a    at a height  
b    in heaven  
     (Old English heah; related to Old Norse har, Gothic hauhs, Old High German hoh high, Lithuanian kaukas bump, Russian kúchca heap, Sanskrit kuca bosom)  

Aswan High Dam  
      n   a dam on the Nile forming a reservoir (Lake Nasser) extending 480 km (300 miles) from the First to the Third Cataracts: opened in 1971, it was built 6 km (4 miles) upstream from the old Aswan Dam (built in 1902 and twice raised). Height of dam: 109 m (365 ft.)  
district high school  
      n     (N.Z)   a school in a rural area that includes primary and post-primary classes  
extremely high frequency  
      n   a radio frequency between 30000 and 300000 megahertz,   (Abbrev.)    EHF  
high altar  
      n   the principal altar of a church  
High Arctic  
      n   the regions of Canada, esp. the northern islands, within the Arctic Circle  
high brass  
      n   brass containing 65 per cent copper and 35 per cent zinc, used for most applications  
high camp  
      n   a sophisticated form of camp2 (the style)  
high-carbon steel  
      n   steel containing between 0.5 and 1.5 per cent carbon  
High Church  
1    the party or movement within the Church of England stressing continuity with Catholic Christendom, the authority of bishops, and the importance of sacraments, rituals, and ceremonies  
   Compare       Broad Church       Low Church  
2    of or relating to this party or movement  
  High-Churchman      n  
1    of very good quality; superior  
a high-class grocer     
2    belonging to, associated with, or exhibiting the characteristics of an upper social class  
a high-class lady, a high-class prostitute     
      adj   (of the complexion) deep red or purplish; florid  
high comedy  
      n   comedy set largely among cultured and articulate people and featuring witty dialogue  
   Compare       low comedy  
  high comedian      n  
high command  
      n   the commander-in-chief and senior officers of a nation's armed forces  
high commissioner  
1    the senior diplomatic representative sent by one Commonwealth country to another instead of an ambassador  
2    the head of an international commission  
3    the chief officer in a colony or other dependency  
high country  
      n   often preceded by: the   sheep pastures in the foothills of the Southern Alps, New Zealand  
High Court  
1    a shortened form of  
a    (in England and Wales) High Court of Justice  
b    (in Scotland) High Court of Justiciary  
2    (in New Zealand) a court of law inferior to the Court of Appeal,   (Formerly called)    Supreme Court  
High Court of Justice  
      n   (in England) one of the two divisions of the Supreme Court of Judicature  
   See also       Court of Appeal  
High Court of Justiciary  
      n   the senior criminal court in Scotland, to which all cases of murder and rape and all cases involving heavy penalties are referred  
high day  
      n   a day of celebration; festival (esp. in the phrase high days and holidays)  
high definition television  
      n   a television system offering a picture with superior definition, using 1000 or more scanning lines, and possibly a higher field repetition rate to reduce flicker effects,   (Abbrev.)    HDTV  
      adj     (Computing)   (of a floppy disk) having a relatively high storage capacity, usually of 1.2 or 1.44 megabytes  
      adj   prenominal   (esp. of computers, electronic equipment, etc.) of the greatest power or sophistication  
high-energy physics  
      n      another name for       particle physics  
high explosive  
      n   an extremely powerful chemical explosive, such as TNT or gelignite  
high fashion  
      n      another name for       haute couture  
high fidelity  
a    the reproduction of sound using electronic equipment that gives faithful reproduction with little or no distortion  
b    (as modifier)  
a high-fidelity amplifier        (Often shortened to)    hi-fi  
high-five   Slang  
1    a gesture of greeting or congratulation in which two people slap raised right palms together  
2    to greet or congratulate (a person) in this way  
      adj   extravagant or pretentious in conceptioon or intention  
high-flown ideas     
high-flyer   , high-flier  
1    a person who is extreme in aims, ambition, etc.  
2    a person of great ability, esp. in a career  
  high-flying      adj, n  
high frequency  
      n   a radio-frequency band or radio frequency lying between 30 and 3 megahertz,   (Abbrev.)    HF  
High German  
1    the standard German language, historically developed from the form of West Germanic spoken in S Germany,   (Abbrev.)    HG      See also       German       Low German  
2    any of the German dialects of S Germany, Austria, or Switzerland  
      adj   tactlessly overbearing and inconsiderate  
  high-handedly      adv  
  high-handedness      n  
high hat  
      n      another name for       top hat  
1    Informal   snobbish and arrogant  
      vb   , -hats, -hatting, -hatted   tr  
2    Informal     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   to treat in a snobbish or offhand way  
3    Informal   a snobbish person  
4    two facing brass cymbals triggered by means of a foot pedal  
High Holidays  
      pl n     (Judaism)   the festivals of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the period of repentance in the first ten days of the Jewish new year,   (Also called)    Days of Awe, Yamim Noraim  
high hurdles  
      n   functioning as sing   a race in which competitors leap over hurdles 42 inches (107 cm) high  
high jinks   , hijinks  
      n   lively enjoyment  
high jump  
a    usually preceded by: the   an athletic event in which a competitor has to jump over a high bar set between two vertical supports  
b    (as modifier)  
high-jump techniques     
2    be for the high jump     (Brit)  
informal   to be liable to receive a severe reprimand or punishment  
  high jumper      n  
  high jumping      n  
      adj   (of a photograph, painting, etc.) having a predominance of light grey tones or light colours  
   Compare       low-key       3  
1    having a high pitch; shrill  
2      (U.S.)   highly strung  
3    bright in colour  
      adj   (of conferences, talks, etc.) involving very important people  
high-level language  
      n   a computer programming language that resembles natural language or mathematical notation and is designed to reflect the requirements of a problem; examples include Ada, BASIC, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal  
   See also       machine code  
high-level waste  
      n   radioactive waste material, such as spent nuclear fuel, having a high activity and thus needing constant cooling for several decades by its producers before it can be disposed of  
   Compare       intermediate-level waste       low-level waste  
High Mass  
      n   a solemn and elaborate sung Mass  
   Compare       Low Mass  
1    having or characterized by high moral principles  
2    Archaic   arrogant; haughty  
  high-mindedly      adv  
  high-mindedness      n  
      n   a conceited or haughty person  
     (C19: from Chinook Jargon hiu muckamuck, literally: plenty (of) food)  
1    (of petrol) having a high octane number  
2    Informal   dynamic, forceful, or intense  
high-octane drive and efficiency     
high-pass filter  
      n     (Electronics)   a filter that transmits all frequencies above a specified value, substantially attenuating frequencies below this value  
   Compare       low-pass filter       band-pass filter  
1    pitched high in volume or tone  
   See       high       10  
2    (of a roof) having steeply sloping sides  
3    (of an argument, style, etc.) lofty or intense  
high place  
      n     (Old Testament)   a place of idolatrous worship, esp. a hilltop  
high places  
      pl n   positions and offices of influence and importance  
a scandal in high places     
high point  
      n   a moment or occasion of great intensity, interest, happiness, etc.  
the award marked a high point in his life     
1    (of an optical instrument or lens) having a high magnification  
a high-powered telescope     
2    dynamic and energetic; highly capable  
3    possessing great strength, power, etc.  
a high-powered engine     
1    having, using, involving, or designed to withstand a pressure above normal pressure  
a high-pressure gas, a high-pressure cylinder     
2    Informal   (of selling) persuasive in an aggressive and persistent manner  
high priest  
1      (Judaism)   the priest of highest rank who alone was permitted to enter the holy of holies of the tabernacle and Temple  
2      (Mormon Church)   a priest of the order of Melchizedek priesthood  
3      (Also (fem))    high priestess   the head of a group or cult  
  high priesthood      n  
high profile  
a    a position or approach characterized by a deliberate seeking of prominence or publicity  
b    (as modifier)  
a high-profile campaign         Compare       low profile  
high relief  
      n   relief in which forms and figures stand out from the background to half or more than half of their natural depth,   (Also called)    alto-relievo  
High Renaissance  
a    the. the period from about the 1490s to the 1520s in painting, sculpture, and architecture in Europe, esp. in Italy, when the Renaissance ideals were considered to have been attained through the mastery of Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael  
b    (as modifier)  
High Renaissance art     
a    prenominal   of or relating to a building that has many storeys, esp. one used for flats or offices  
a high-rise block         Compare       low-rise  
b    (as n.)  
a high-rise in Atlanta     
      adj   denoting a group, part, etc., that is particularly subject or exposed to a danger  
high roller  
Slang     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a person who spends money extravagantly or gambles recklessly  
  high rolling      n, adj  
high school  
1      (Brit)      another term for       grammar school  
2      (U.S. and N.Z.)   a secondary school from grade 7 to grade 12  
3      (Canadian)   a secondary school, the grades covered depending on the province  
high seas  
      pl n   sometimes sing   the open seas of the world, outside the jurisdiction of any one nation  
high season  
      n   the most popular time of year at a holiday resort, etc.  
high society  
a    the upper classes, esp. when fashionable  
b    (as modifier)  
her high-society image     
      adj      another term for       high-flown  
      adj     (Photog)  
1    employing or requiring a very short exposure time  
high-speed film     
2    recording or making exposures at a rate usually exceeding 50 and up to several million frames per second  
3    working, moving, or operating at a high speed  
high-speed steel  
      n   any of various steels that retain their hardness at high temperatures and are thus suitable for making tools used on lathes and other high-speed machines  
      adj   vivacious, bold, or lively  
  high-spiritedly      adv  
  high-spiritedness      n  
high spot  
Informal      another word for       highlight       2  
      n   a horse trained to lift its feet high off the ground when walking or trotting  
High Street   often not caps  
      n   usually preceded by: the  
1      (Brit)   the main street of a town, usually where the principal shops are situated  
2    the market constituted by the general public  
3    modifier   geared to meet the requirements of, and readily available for purchase by, the general public  
High-Street fashion     
high table  
      n   sometimes caps   the table, sometimes elevated, in the dining hall of a school, college, etc., at which the principal teachers, fellows, etc., sit  
High Tatra  
      n      another name for the       Tatra Mountains  
high tea  
      n     (Brit)      See       tea       4c  
high tech  
      n      a variant spelling of       hi tech  
high technology  
      n   highly sophisticated, often electronic, techniques used in manufacturing and other processes  
      n   modifier   subjected to, carrying, or capable of operating at a relatively high voltage  
a high-tension wire        (Abbrev.)    HT  
high tide  
a    the tide at its highest level  
b    the time at which it reaches this  
2    a culminating point  
high time   Informal  
1    the latest possible time; a time that is almost too late  
it's high time you mended this shelf     
2      (Also called)    high old time   an enjoyable and exciting time  
1    having a superior social, moral, or intellectual quality  
2    affectedly superior  
3    high in tone  
high tops  
      pl n   training shoes that reach above the ankles  
high treason  
      n   an act of treason directly affecting a sovereign or state  
Informal   a person who holds an important or influential position  
high water  
1       another name for       high tide       1  
2    the state of any stretch of water at its highest level, as during a flood,   (Abbrev.)    HW  
high-water mark  
a    the level reached by sea water at high tide or by other stretches of water in flood  
b    the mark indicating this level  
2    the highest point  
high wire  
      n   a tightrope stretched high in the air for balancing acts  
High Wycombe  
      n   a town in S central England, in S Buckinghamshire: furniture industry. Pop.: 71718 (1991)  
1       another word for       knee-deep       1  
2    as high as the knee  
a knee-high child     
      adj      another term for       type-high  
Lord High Chancellor  
      n      another name for the       Lord Chancellor  
Middle High German  
      n   High German from about 1200 to about 1500,   (Abbrev.)    MHG  
Old High German  
      n   a group of West Germanic dialects that eventually developed into modern German; High German up to about 1200: spoken in the Middle Ages on the upper Rhine, in Bavaria, Alsace, and elsewhere, including Alemannic, Bavarian, Langobardic, and Upper Franconian,   (Abbrev.)    OHG  
1    at or to an unprecedented or excessive level  
prices rocketed sky-high     
2    high into the air  
3    blow sky-high   to destroy completely  
      adj   having the height of a piece of type, standardized as 0.918 inches  
very high frequency  
      n   a radio-frequency band or radio frequency lying between 30 and 300 megahertz,   (Abbrev.)    VHF  
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