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1    a hot usually luminous body of burning gas often containing small incandescent particles, typically emanating in flickering streams from burning material or produced by a jet of ignited gas  
2    often pl   the state or condition of burning with flames  
to burst into flames     
3    a brilliant light; fiery glow  
a    a strong reddish-orange colour  
b    (as adj.)  
a flame carpet     
5    intense passion or ardour; burning emotion  
6    Informal   a lover or sweetheart (esp. in the phrase an old flame)  
7    Informal   an abusive message sent by electronic mail, esp. to express anger or criticism of an Internet user by sending them large numbers of messages  
8    to burn or cause to burn brightly; give off or cause to give off flame  
9    intr   to burn or glow as if with fire; become red or fiery  
his face flamed with anger     
10    intr   to show great emotion; become angry or excited  
11    tr   to apply a flame to (something)  
12    tr  
Archaic   to set on fire, either physically or with emotion  
13    Informal   to send an abusive message by electronic mail,   (See also)        flameout  
     (C14: from Anglo-French flaume, from Old French flambe, modification of flamble, from Latin flammula a little flame, from flamma flame)  
   flamer             n  
  flameless      adj  
  flamelet      n  
  flamelike      adj  
  flamy      adj  
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