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general staff


      n   officers assigned to advise commanders in the planning and execution of military operations  
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1    common; widespread  
a general feeling of horror at the crime     
2    of, including, applying to, or participated in by all or most of the members of a group, category, or community  
3    relating to various branches of an activity, profession, etc.; not specialized  
general office work     
4    including various or miscellaneous items  
general knowledge, a general store     
5    not specific as to detail; overall  
a general description of the merchandise     
6    not definite; vague  
give me a general idea of when you will finish     
7    applicable or true in most cases; usual  
8    prenominal or immediately postpositive   having superior or extended authority or rank  
general manager, consul general     
9      (Also)    pass   designating a degree awarded at some universities, studied at a lower academic standard than an honours degree  
   See       honours       2  
10      (Med)   relating to or involving the entire body or many of its parts; systemic  
11      (Logic)   (of a statement) not specifying an individual subject but quantifying over a domain  
12    an officer of a rank senior to lieutenant general, esp. one who commands a large military formation  
13    any person acting as a leader and applying strategy or tactics  
14    a general condition or principle: opposed to particular  
15    a title for the head of a religious order, congregation, etc.  
16      (Med)      short for       general anaesthetic  
17    Archaic   the people; public  
18    in general   generally; mostly or usually  
     (C13: from Latin generalis of a particular kind, from genus kind)  
  generalness      n  

adjutant general  
      n   pl   , adjutants general  
1      (Brit. army)  
a    a member of the Army Board responsible for personnel and administrative functions  
b    a general's executive officer  
2      (U.S. army)   the adjutant of a military unit with general staff  
      n   pl   , agents-general   a representative in London of a Canadian province or an Australian state  
annual general meeting  
      n     (Brit)   the statutory meeting of the directors and shareholders of a company or of the members of a society, held once every financial year, at which the annual report is presented,   (Abbrev.)    AGM  
attorney general  
      n   pl   , attorneys general, attorney generals  
1    a country's chief law officer and senior legal adviser to its government  
2    (in the U.S.) the chief law officer and legal adviser of a state government  
3    (in some states of the U.S.) a public prosecutor  
Attorney General  
1    (in the United Kingdom except Scotland) the senior law officer and chief legal counsel of the Crown: a member of the government and of the House of Commons  
2    (in the U.S.) the chief law officer and legal adviser to the Administration: head of the Department of Justice and member of the cabinet  
3    (in Australia and New Zealand) the chief government law officer: a member of Parliament and usually a cabinet minister  
brigadier general  
      n   pl   , brigadier generals  
1    an officer of the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps who holds a rank junior to a major general but senior to a colonel, usually commanding a brigade  
2       the former name for a       brigadier       1  
consul general  
      n   pl   , consuls general   a consul of the highest grade, usually stationed in a city of considerable commercial importance  
      n   pl   , cooks-general     (Brit)   (formerly, esp. in the 1920s and '30s) a domestic servant who did cooking and housework  
      n   pl   , directors-general   the head of a large organization such as the CBI or BBC  
Estates General  
      n      See       States General  
extraordinary general meeting  
      n   a meeting specially called to discuss a particular item of a company's business, usually one of some importance. The meeting may be called by a group of shareholders or by the directors,   (Abbrev.)    EGM  
      n   pl   , farmers-general   (in France before 1789) a member of a group allowed to farm certain taxes  
  farmer-generalship      n  
general anaesthetic  
      n   a drug producing anaesthesia of the entire body, with loss of consciousness  
General Assembly  
1    the deliberative assembly of the United Nations,   (Abbrev.)    GA  
2    the former name for the parliament of New Zealand  
3    the supreme governing body of certain religious denominations, esp. of the Presbyterian Church  
general average  
      n     (Insurance)   loss or damage to a ship or its cargo that is shared among the shipowners and all the cargo owners,   (Abbrev.)    GA      Compare       particular average  
General Certificate of Education  
      n      See       GCE  
General Certificate of Secondary Education  
      n      See       GCSE  
general delivery  
      n      the U.S. and Canadian equivalent of       poste restante  
general election  
1    an election in which representatives are chosen in all constituencies of a state  
2      (U.S.)   a final election from which successful candidates are sent to a legislative body  
   Compare       primary  
3      (U.S. and Canadian)   (in the U.S.) a national or state election or (in Canada) a federal or provincial election in contrast to a local election  
general hospital  
      n   a hospital not specializing in the treatment of particular illnesses or of patients of a particular sex or age group  
general officer  
      n   an officer holding a commission of brigadier's rank or above in the army, air force, or marine corps  
general paralysis of the insane  
      n   a disease of the central nervous system: a late manifestation of syphilis, often occurring up to 15 years after the original infection, characterized by mental deterioration, speech defects, and progressive paralysis,   (Abbrev.)    GPI     (Also called)    general paresis, dementia paralytica  
General Post Office  
1    (in Britain until 1969) the department of the central Government that provided postal and telephone services  
2    the main post office in a locality  
general practitioner  
      n   a physician who does not specialize but has a medical practice (general practice) in which he treats all illnesses,   (Informal name)    family doctor     (Abbrev.)    GP  
      adj   having a range of uses or applications; not restricted to one function  
general semantics  
      n   functioning as sing   a school of thought, founded by Alfred Korzybski, that stresses the arbitrary nature of language and other symbols and the problems that result from misunderstanding their nature  
general staff  
      n   officers assigned to advise commanders in the planning and execution of military operations  
general strike  
      n   a strike by all or most of the workers of a country, province, city, etc., esp. (caps.) such a strike that took place in Britain in 1926  
General Synod  
      n   the governing body, under Parliament, of the Church of England, made up of the bishops and elected clerical and lay representatives  
general theory of relativity  
      n   the theory of gravitation, developed by Einstein in 1916, extending the special theory of relativity to include acceleration and leading to the conclusion that gravitational forces are equivalent to forces caused by acceleration  
general will  
      n   (in the philosophy of Rousseau) the source of legitimate authority residing in the collective will as contrasted with individual interests  
governor general  
      n   pl   , governors general, governor generals  
1    the representative of the Crown in a dominion of the Commonwealth or a British colony; vicegerent  
2      (Brit)   a governor with jurisdiction or precedence over other governors  
  governor-generalship      n  
      n   pl   , Inquisitors-General   the head of the Spanish court of Inquisition  
inspector general  
      n   pl   , inspectors general  
1    the head of an inspectorate or inspection system; an officer with wide investigative powers  
2    a staff officer of the military, air, or naval service with the responsibility of conducting inspections and investigations  
judge advocate general  
      n   pl   , judge advocates general, judge advocate generals   the civil adviser to the Crown on matters relating to courts martial and on military law generally  
lieutenant general  
      n   an officer holding commissioned rank in certain armies, air forces, and marine corps immediately junior to a general  
major general  
      n     (Military)   an officer immediately junior to a lieutenant general  
  major-generalship, major-generalcy      n  
postmaster general  
      n   pl   , postmasters general   the executive head of the postal service in certain countries  
Registered General Nurse  
      n   (in Britain) a nurse who has completed a three-year training course in all aspects of nursing care to enable the nurse to be registered with the United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Visiting,   (Abbrev)    RGN  
      n   pl   , secretaries-general   a chief administrative official, as of the United Nations  
Solicitor General  
      n   pl   , Solicitors General  
1    (in Britain) the law officer of the Crown ranking next to the Attorney General (in Scotland to the Lord Advocate) and acting as his assistant  
2    (in New Zealand) the government's chief lawyer: head of the Crown Law Office and prosecutor for the Crown  
States General  
      pl n  
1    the bicameral legislature of the Netherlands  
2      (History)  
a    an assembly of the estates of an entire country in contrast to those of a single province  
b      (Also called)    Estates General   the assembly of the estates of all France, last meeting in 1789  
c    the sovereign body of the Dutch republic from the 16th to 18th century  
surgeon general  
      n   pl   , surgeons general  
1    (in the British, U.S., and certain other armies and navies) the senior officer of the medical service  
2    the head of the public health service in the U.S.  
Valuer General  
      n     (Austral)   a state official who values properties for rating purposes  
vicar general  
      n   pl   , vicars general   an official, usually a layman, appointed to assist the bishop of a diocese in discharging his administrative or judicial duties  

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1    accepted, broad, common, extensive, popular, prevailing, prevalent, public, universal, widespread  
2    accustomed, conventional, customary, everyday, habitual, normal, ordinary, regular, typical, usual  
3    approximate, ill-defined, imprecise, inaccurate, indefinite, inexact, loose, undetailed, unspecific, vague  
4    across-the-board, all-inclusive, blanket, broad, catholic, collective, comprehensive, encyclopedic, generic, indiscriminate, miscellaneous, panoramic, sweeping, total, universal  
   definite, distinctive, exact, exceptional, extraordinary, individual, infrequent, particular, peculiar, precise, rare, special, specific, unusual  

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- (usually of a person) lacking in intelligence, common sense, or just in general awareness; clumsy or idiotic. - [colloquial] [noun] a person that displays these character traits. - [informal] used for emphasis when something is dull, irritating, or nonsensical.
1) "I thought that I was stupid for failing my exam, but at least I tried," 2) "That's not how you do it, stupid!" 3) "I'm tired of this stupid computer!"
relating to, involving, or dealing with abstract, general, or universal statements or laws
tempting someone with promise of reward (an attractive person in general) to reveal information or to test one's partner loyalty, faithfulness : can be for lovers, business partners, espionage
right granted to a general assembly to give an opinion on the salaries and bonuses of top managers
addendum to a contract in general that you do not wish for everyone to see
1. the state of being joined together 2. in logic, the connection of isolated facts by means of a general description or hypothesis which applies to them all
a patient who lost is tracheal reflexes by general anesthesia or Coma ; state whos trache has been protected by a tube that permits artificial ventilation.
Medical term
a misfit; something or someone looking/behaving in a manner that comes in contradiction with the general context
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