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1    the flat top part of a cooking stove, or a separate flat surface, containing hotplates or burners  
2    a shelf beside an open fire, for keeping kettles, etc., hot  
3    a steel pattern used in forming a mould or die in cold metal  
4    a hard steel rotating cutting tool used in machines for cutting gears  
      vb   , hobs, hobbing, hobbed  
5    tr   to cut or form with a hob  
     (C16: variant of obsolete hubbe, of unknown origin; perhaps related to hub)  
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hob          [2]  
1    a hobgoblin or elf  
2    raise or play hob     (U.S.)  
informal   to cause mischief or disturbance  
3    a male ferret  
     (C14: variant of Rob, short for Robin or Robert)  
  hoblike      adj  

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