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1    intr   to walk with a lame awkward movement  
2    tr   to fetter the legs of (a horse) in order to restrict movement  
3    to progress unevenly or with difficulty  
4    tr   to hamper or restrict (the actions or scope of a person, organization, etc.)  
5    a strap, rope, etc., used to hobble a horse  
6    a limping gait  
7      (Brit)  
dialect   a difficult or embarrassing situation,   (Also (for senses 2, 5))    hopple  
     (C14: probably from Low German; compare Flemish hoppelen, Middle Dutch hobbelen to stammer)  
  hobbler      n  

hobble skirt  
      n   a long skirt, popular between 1910 and 1914, cut so narrow at the ankles that it hindered walking  
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1    dodder, falter, halt, limp, shamble, shuffle, stagger, stumble, totter  
2    clog, fasten, fetter, hamstring, restrict, shackle, tie  

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