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1    having a hole, cavity, or space within; not solid  
2    having a sunken area; concave  
3    recessed or deeply set  
hollow cheeks     
4    (of sounds) as if resounding in a hollow place  
5    without substance or validity  
6    hungry or empty  
7    insincere; cynical  
8    a hollow leg or hollow legs   the capacity to eat or drink a lot without ill effects  
9    beat (someone) hollow     (Brit)  
informal   to defeat (someone) thoroughly and convincingly  
10    a cavity, opening, or space in or within something  
11    a depression or dip in the land  
      vb   often foll by: out, usually when: tr  
12    to make or become hollow  
13    to form (a hole, cavity, etc.) or (of a hole, etc.) to be formed  
     (C12: from holu, inflected form of Old English holh cave; related to Old Norse holr, German hohl; see hole)  
  hollowly      adv  
  hollowness      n  

frost hollow  
      n   a depression in a hilly area in which cold air collects, becoming very cold at night  
      n     (Pathol)      the nontechnical name for       lordosis  
      adj   with the eyes appearing to be sunk into the face, as from excessive fatigue  
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1    empty, not solid, unfilled, vacant, void  
2    cavernous, concave, deep-set, depressed, indented, sunken  
3    deep, dull, expressionless, flat, low, muffled, muted, reverberant, rumbling, sepulchral, toneless  
4    empty, fruitless, futile, meaningless, pointless, Pyrrhic, specious, unavailing, useless, vain, wanky     (taboo slang)   worthless  
5    empty, esurient, famished, hungry, ravenous, starved  
6    artificial, cynical, deceitful, faithless, false, flimsy, hollow-hearted, hypocritical, insincere, treacherous, unsound, weak  
7    beat (someone) hollow        (informal)   defeat, hammer     (informal)   outdo, overcome, rout, thrash, trounce, worst  
8    basin, bowl, cave, cavern, cavity, concavity, crater, cup, den, dent, depression, dimple, excavation, hole, indentation, pit, trough  
9    bottom, dale, dell, dingle, glen, valley  
10    channel, dig, dish, excavate, furrow, gouge, groove, pit, scoop  
,       adj  
1    full, occupied, solid  
2    convex, rounded  
3    expressive, vibrant  
4    gratifying, meaningful, pleasing, satisfying, valuable, worthwhile  
6    genuine  
8    bump, mound, projection  
9    bluff, height, hill, knoll, mountain, rise  

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(of sound) hollow and deep-sounding
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