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, homological   , homologic  
1    having a related or similar position, structure, etc.  
2      (Chem)   (of a series of organic compounds) having similar characteristics and structure but differing by a number of CH2 groups  
3      (Med)  
a    (of two or more tissues) identical in structure  
b    (of a vaccine) prepared from the infecting microorganism  
4      (Biology)   (of organs and parts) having the same evolutionary origin but different functions  
the wing of a bat and the paddle of a whale are homologous         Compare       analogous       2  
5      (Maths)   (of elements) playing a similar role in distinct figures or functions  
  homologically      adv  

homologous chromosomes  
      pl n   two chromosomes, one of paternal origin, the other of maternal origin, that are identical in appearance and pair during meiosis  
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analogous, comparable, correspondent, corresponding, like, parallel, related, similar  

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