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1    a rigid circular band of metal or wood  
2    something resembling this  
a    a band of iron that holds the staves of a barrel or cask together  
b    (as modifier)  
hoop iron     
4    a child's toy shaped like a hoop and rolled on the ground or whirled around the body  
5      (Croquet)   any of the iron arches through which the ball is driven  
a    a light curved frame to spread out a skirt  
b    (as modifier)  
a hoop skirt, a hoop petticoat     
7      (Basketball)   the round metal frame to which the net is attached to form the basket  
8    a large ring through which performers or animals jump  
9      (Jewellery)  
a    an earring consisting of one or more circles of metal, plastic, etc.  
b    the part of a finger ring through which the finger fits  
10      (Austral)  
informal   a jockey  
11    go or be put through the hoop   to be subjected to an ordeal  
12    tr   to surround with or as if with a hoop  
     (Old English hop; related to Dutch hoep, Old Norse hop bay, Lithuanian kabe hook)  
  hooped      adj  
   hooplike             adj  
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