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hope chest


      n      the U.S., Canadian, and N.Z. name for       bottom drawer  
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bottom drawer  
      n     (Brit)   a young woman's collection of clothes, linen, cutlery, etc., in anticipation of marriage,   (U.S., Canadian, and N.Z. equivalent)    hope chest         

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1    sometimes pl   a feeling of desire for something and confidence in the possibility of its fulfilment  
his hope for peace was justified, their hopes were dashed     
2    a reasonable ground for this feeling  
there is still hope     
3    a person or thing that gives cause for hope  
4    a thing, situation, or event that is desired  
my hope is that prices will fall     
5    not a hope or some hope   used ironically to express little confidence that expectations will be fulfilled  
6    tr; takes a clause as object or an infinitive   to desire (something) with some possibility of fulfilment  
we hope you can come, I hope to tell you     
7    intr; often foll by: for   to have a wish (for a future event, situation, etc.)  
8    tr; takes a clause as object   to trust, expect, or believe  
we hope that this is satisfactory     
     (Old English hopa; related to Old Frisian hope, Dutch hoop, Middle High German hoffe)  
  hoper      n  

Band of Hope  
      n   a society promoting lifelong abstention from alcohol among young people: founded in Britain in 1847  
Cape of Good Hope  
      n   a cape in SW South Africa south of Cape Town  
forlorn hope  
1    a hopeless or desperate enterprise  
2    a faint hope  
3    Obsolete   a group of soldiers assigned to an extremely dangerous duty  
     (C16 (in the obsolete sense): changed (by folk etymology) from Dutch verloren hoop lost troop, from verloren, past participle of verliezen to lose + hoop troop (literally: heap))  
Good Hope  
      n      Cape of. See       Cape of Good Hope  
1    Anthony, real name Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins. 1863--1933, English novelist; author of The Prisoner of Zenda (1894)  
2    Bob, real name Leslie Townes Hope. born 1903, U.S. comedian and comic actor, born in England. His films include The Cat and the Canary (1939), Road to Morocco (1942), and The Paleface (1947). He was awarded an honorary knighthood in 1998  
hope chest  
      n      the U.S., Canadian, and N.Z. name for       bottom drawer  
white hope  
Informal   a person who is expected to bring honour or glory to his group, team, etc.  

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      n   ambition, anticipation, assumption, belief, confidence, desire, dream, expectancy, expectation, faith, light at the end of the tunnel, longing  
      vb   anticipate, aspire, await, believe, contemplate, count on, cross one's fingers, desire, expect, foresee, keep one's fingers crossed, long, look forward to, rely, set one's heart on, trust  
1    despair, distrust, doubt, dread, hopelessness  

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When a large group of competing corporations hope to use the government to protect or enhance their interests.
Economic Term.
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