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      pl n   the dried ripe flowers, esp. the female flowers, of the hop plant, used to give a bitter taste to beer  
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hop          [1]  
      vb   , hops, hopping, hopped  
1    intr   to make a jump forwards or upwards, esp. on one foot  
2    intr   (esp. of frogs, birds, rabbits, etc.) to move forwards in short jumps  
3    tr   to jump over  
he hopped the hedge     
4    intr  
Informal   to move or proceed quickly (in, on, out of, etc.)  
hop on a bus     
5    tr  
Informal   to cross (an ocean) in an aircraft  
they hopped the Atlantic in seven hours     
6    tr     (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   to travel by means of (an aircraft, bus, etc.)  
he hopped a train to Chicago     
7      (U.S. and Canadian)   to bounce or cause to bounce  
he hopped the flat stone over the lake's surface     
8    intr     (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   to begin intense activity, esp. work  
9    intr      another word for       limp   1  
10    hop it (or off)     (Brit)  
slang   to go away  
11    the act or an instance of hopping  
12    Old-fashioned informal   a dance, esp. one at which popular music is played  
we're all going to the school hop tonight     
13    Informal   a trip, esp. in an aircraft  
14      (U.S.)   a bounce, as of a ball  
15    on the hop  
a    active or busy  
b      (Brit)   unawares or unprepared  
the new ruling caught me on the hop        (See also)        hop into  
     (Old English hoppian; related to Old Norse hoppa to hop, Middle Low German hupfen)  

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      vb   bound, caper, dance, jump, leap, skip, spring, trip, vault  
      n   bounce, bound, jump, leap, skip, spring, step, vault  

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