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1    a vast crowd; throng; mob  
2    a local group of people in a nomadic society  
3    a nomadic group of people, esp. an Asiatic group  
4    a large moving mass of animals, esp. insects  
5    intr   to form, move in, or live in a horde  
     (C16: from Polish horda, from Turkish ordu camp; compare Urdu)  
Horde is sometimes wrongly written where hoard is meant: a hoard (not horde) of gold coins  

Golden Horde  
      n   the Mongol horde that devastated E Europe in the early 13th century. It established the westernmost Mongol khanate, which at its height ruled most of European Russia. Defeated by the power of Muscovy (1380), the realm split into four smaller khanates in 1405  
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band, crew, crowd, drove, gang, host, mob, multitude, pack, press, swarm, throng, troop  

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