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      adj   having a horn, horns, or hornlike parts  
  hornedness      n  

horned owl  
      n   any large owl of the genus Bubo, having prominent ear tufts: family Strigidae  
horned poppy  
      n   any of several Eurasian papaveraceous plants of the genera Glaucium and Roemeria, having large brightly coloured flowers and long curved seed capsules  
horned pout  
      n   a North American catfish, Ameiurus (or Ictalurus) nebulosus, with a sharp spine on the dorsal and pectoral fins and eight long barbels around the mouth: family Ameiuridae,   (Also called)    brown bullhead  
horned toad   , lizard  
      n   any small insectivorous burrowing lizard of the genus Phrynosoma, inhabiting desert regions of America, having a flattened toadlike body covered with spines: family Iguanidae (iguanas)  
horned viper  
      n   a venomous snake, Cerastes cornutus, that occurs in desert regions of N Africa and SW Asia and has a small horny spine above each eye: family Viperidae (vipers),   (Also called)    sand viper  
long-horned beetle  
      n   another name for longicorn beetle (see longicorn (sense 1))  
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