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hot key


      n     (Computing)   a single key on the keyboard of a computer which carries out a series of commands  
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      adj   , hotter, hottest  
1    having a relatively high temperature  
2    having a temperature higher than desirable  
3    causing or having a sensation of bodily heat  
4    causing a burning sensation on the tongue  
hot mustard, a hot curry     
5    expressing or feeling intense emotion, such as embarrassment, anger, or lust  
6    intense or vehement  
a hot argument     
7    recent; fresh; new  
a hot trial, hot from the press     
8      (Ball games)   (of a ball) thrown or struck hard, and so difficult to respond to  
9    much favoured or approved  
a hot tip, a hot favourite     
10    Informal   having a dangerously high level of radioactivity  
a hot laboratory     
11    Slang   (of goods or money) stolen, smuggled, or otherwise illegally obtained  
12    Slang   (of people) being sought by the police  
13    (of a colour) intense; striking  
hot pink     
14    close or following closely  
hot on the scent     
15    Informal   at a dangerously high electric potential  
a hot terminal     
16      (Physics)   having an energy level higher than that of the ground state  
a hot atom     
17    Slang   impressive or good of its kind (esp. in the phrase not so hot)  
18      (Jazz, slang)   arousing great excitement or enthusiasm by inspired improvisation, strong rhythms, etc.  
19    Informal   dangerous or unpleasant (esp. in the phrase make it hot for someone)  
20    (in various searching or guessing games) very near the answer or object to be found  
21      (Metallurgy)   (of a process) at a sufficiently high temperature for metal to be in a soft workable state  
22      (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   (of a price, charge, etc.) excessive  
23    give it (to someone) hot   to punish or thrash (someone)  
24    hot on  
a    very severe  
the police are hot on drunk drivers     
b    particularly skilled at or knowledgeable about  
he's hot on vintage cars     
25    hot under the collar  
Informal   aroused with anger, annoyance, etc.  
26    in hot water  
Informal   in trouble, esp. with those in authority  
27    in a hot manner; hotly,   (See also)        hots       hot up  
     (Old English hat; related to Old High German heiz, Old Norse heitr, Gothic heito fever)  
  hotly      adv  
  hotness      n  

hot air  
Informal   empty and usually boastful talk  
hot-air balloon  
      n   a lighter-than-air craft in which air heated by a flame is trapped in a large fabric bag  
1    passionate or excitable  
2    (of a horse) being of thoroughbred stock  
  hot-bloodedness      n  
hot cockles  
      n   functioning as sing   (formerly) a children's game in which one blindfolded player has to guess which other player has hit him  
hot cross bun  
      n   a yeast bun with spices, currants, and sometimes candied peel, marked with a cross and traditionally eaten on Good Friday  
      n   the practice of not assigning permanent desks in a workplace, so that employees may work at any available desk  
hot dog   [1]  
      n   a sausage, esp. a frankfurter, served hot in a long roll split lengthways  
     (C20: from the supposed resemblance of the sausage to a dachshund)  
hot dog   [2]  
1      (Chiefly U.S.)   a person who performs showy acrobatic manoeuvres when skiing or surfing  
      vb   , hot-dog, -dogs, -dogging, -dogged  
2    intr   to perform a series of manoeuvres in skiing, surfing, etc., esp. in a showy manner  
     (C20: from US hot dog!, exclamation of pleasure, approval, etc.)  
hot fence  
      n     (N.Z.)   an electric fence surrounding a farm  
hot flush   ,   (U.S.)   hot flash  
      n   a sudden unpleasant hot feeling in the skin, caused by endocrine imbalance, esp. experienced by women at menopause  
      adj   impetuous, rash, or hot-tempered  
  hot-headedly      adv  
  hot-headedness      n  
hot key  
      n     (Computing)   a single key on the keyboard of a computer which carries out a series of commands  
hot link  
      n   a word or phrase in a hypertext document that when selected by mouse or keyboard causes information that has been associated with that word or phrase to be displayed  
   See       hypertext  
hot metal  
a    metallic type cast into shape in the molten state  
b    (as modifier)  
hot-metal printing     
hot money  
      n   capital transferred from one financial centre to another seeking the highest interest rates or the best opportunity for short-term gain, esp. from changes in exchange rates  
hot pants  
      pl n  
1    very brief skin-tight shorts, worn by young women  
2    Taboo slang   a feeling of sexual arousal  
he has hot pants for her     
hot pepper  
1    any of several varieties of the pepper Capsicum frutescens, esp. chilli pepper  
2    the pungent usually small fruit of any of these plants  
hot potato  
Slang   an awkward or delicate matter  
1    a machine for applying a combination of heat and pressure to give a smooth surface to paper, to express oil from it, etc.  
2    tr   to subject (paper, cloth, etc.) to heat and pressure to give it a smooth surface or extract oil  
hot rod  
      n   a car with an engine that has been radically modified to produce increased power  
hot seat  
1    Informal   a precarious, difficult, or dangerous position  
2      (U.S.)      a slang term for       electric chair  
hot shoe  
      n     (Photog)   an accessory shoe on a camera through which electrical contact is made to an electronic flash device  
hot spot  
1    an area of potential violence or political unrest  
2    a lively nightclub or other place of entertainment  
a    any local area of high temperature in a part of an engine, etc.  
b    part of the inlet manifold of a paraffin engine that is heated by exhaust gases to vaporize the fuel  
4      (Med)  
a    a small area on the surface of or within a body with an exceptionally high concentration of radioactivity or of some chemical or mineral considered harmful  
b    a similar area that generates an abnormal amount of heat, as revealed by thermography  
5      (Genetics)   a part of a chromosome that has a tendency for mutation or recombination  
hot spring  
      n   a natural spring of mineral water at a temperature of 21°C (70°F) or above, found in areas of volcanic activity,   (Also called)    thermal spring  
hot stuff  
1    a person, object, etc., considered important, attractive, sexually exciting, etc.  
2    a pornographic or erotic book, play, film, etc.  
hot up  
      vb   adv  
1    to make or become more exciting, active, or intense  
the chase was hotting up     
2    tr      another term for       soup up  
hot-water bottle  
      n   a receptacle, now usually made of rubber, designed to be filled with hot water, used for warming a bed or parts of the body  
      vb   tr  
Slang   to start the engine of (a motor vehicle) by bypassing the ignition switch  
      vb   tr   to shape (metal) when hot  
hot zone  
      n     (Computing)   a variable area towards the end of a line of text that informs the operator that a decision must be taken as to whether to hyphenate or begin a new line  
1    (esp. of metal) heated to the temperature at which it glows red  
iron is red-hot at about 500°C     
2    extremely hot  
the stove is red-hot, so don't touch it     
3    keen, excited, or eager; enthusiastic  
4    furious; violent  
red-hot anger     
5    very recent or topical  
red-hot information     
6      (Austral)  
slang   extreme, unreasonable, or unfair  
the charges are red-hot     
red-hot poker  
      n      See       kniphofia  
1    at such a high temperature that white light is emitted  
2    Informal   in a state of intense emotion  

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1    aboil, blistering, boiling, burning, fiery, flaming, heated, piping hot, roasting, scalding, scorching, searing, steaming, sultry, sweltering, torrid, warm  
2    acrid, biting, peppery, piquant, pungent, sharp, spicy  
3      (figurative)   ablaze, animated, ardent, excited, fervent, fervid, fierce, fiery, flaming, impetuous, inflamed, intense, irascible, lustful, passionate, raging, stormy, touchy, vehement, violent  
4    fresh, just out, latest, new, recent, up to the minute  
5    approved, favoured, in demand, in vogue, popular, sought-after  
6    close, following closely, in hot pursuit, near  
1    chilly, cold, cool, freezing, frigid, frosty, icy, parky     (Brit. informal)  
2    mild  
3    apathetic, calm, dispassionate, half-hearted, indifferent, mild, moderate  
4    old, stale, trite  
5    out of favour, unpopular  
6    cold  

hot air     
blather, blether, bombast, bosh     (informal)   bunkum or buncombe     (chiefly U.S.)   claptrap     (informal)   empty talk, gas     (informal)   guff     (slang)   rant, tall talk     (informal)   verbiage, wind  
ardent, excitable, fervent, fiery, heated, impulsive, passionate, rash, spirited, temperamental, wild  
   apathetic, calm, cold, cool, frigid, impassive, restrained, unenthusiastic  
fiery, foolhardy, hasty, hot-tempered, impetuous, precipitate, quick-tempered, rash, reckless, unruly, volatile  

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User’s online presence that hold the potential to be the key to ones online identity, value and worth.
Cyber Legacy Locker is the safe and secure way to pass encrypted access key of online accounts to authorized assignee.
[Leg.];[Tech.] passing access key of online account to friends or love ones
it's a unintended call which happens when the keys are not blocked in one's pocket
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