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hot shoe


      n     (Photog)   an accessory shoe on a camera through which electrical contact is made to an electronic flash device  
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a    one of a matching pair of coverings shaped to fit the foot, esp. one ending below the ankle, having an upper of leather, plastic, etc., on a sole and heel of heavier leather, rubber, or synthetic material  
b    (as modifier)  
shoe cleaner     
2    anything resembling a shoe in shape, function, position, etc., such as a horseshoe  
3    a band of metal or wood on the bottom of the runner of a sledge  
4    (in baccarat, etc.) a boxlike device for holding several packs of cards and allowing the cards to be dispensed singly  
5    a base for the supports of a superstructure of a bridge, roof, etc.  
6    a metal collector attached to an electric train that slides along the third rail and picks up power for the motor  
7      (Engineering)   a lining to protect from and withstand wear: see brake shoe, pile shoe  
8    be in (a person's) shoes  
Informal   to be in (another person's) situation  
      vb   , shoes, shoeing, shod   tr  
9    to furnish with shoes  
10    to fit (a horse) with horseshoes  
11    to furnish with a hard cover, such as a metal plate, for protection against friction or bruising  
     (Old English scoh; related to Old Norse skor, Gothic skohs, Old High German scuoh)  

accessory shoe  
      n     (Photog)   a bracket on top of a camera to which a flash unit or other accessory may be fitted  
blocked shoe  
      n   a dancing shoe with a stiffened toe that enables a ballet dancer to dance on the tips of the toes  
brake shoe  
1    the curved metal casting to which the brake lining is riveted in a drum brake  
2    the curved metal casting together with the attached brake lining,   (Sometimes (for both senses) shortened to)    shoe  
court shoe  
      n   a low-cut shoe for women, having no laces or straps  
deck shoe  
1    a rubber-soled leather shoe worn when boating  
2    a casual cloth or soft leather shoe resembling this  
gym shoe  
      n      another name for       plimsoll  
hot shoe  
      n     (Photog)   an accessory shoe on a camera through which electrical contact is made to an electronic flash device  
launch shoe   , launching shoe  
      n   an attachment to an aircraft from which a missile is launched  
pile shoe  
      n   an iron casting shaped to a point and fitted to a lower end of a wooden or concrete pile,   (Also called)    shoe  
shoe leather  
1    leather used to make shoes  
2    save shoe leather   to avoid wearing out shoes, as by taking a bus rather than walking  
      n   modifier   relating to a type of tap dancing performed wearing soft-soled shoes  
the soft-shoe shuffle     
tennis shoe  
      n   a rubber-soled canvas shoe tied with laces  
track shoe  
      n   either of a pair of light running shoes fitted with steel spikes for better grip,   (Also called)    spike  

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