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hot zone


      n     (Computing)   a variable area towards the end of a line of text that informs the operator that a decision must be taken as to whether to hyphenate or begin a new line  
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1    a region, area, or section characterized by some distinctive feature or quality  
2    a sphere of thought, disagreement, argument, etc.  
3    an area subject to a particular political, military, or government function, use, or jurisdiction  
a demilitarized zone     
4    often cap     (Geography)   one of the divisions of the earth's surface, esp. divided into latitudinal belts according to temperature  
   See       Torrid Zone       Frigid Zone       Temperate Zone  
5      (Geology)   a distinctive layer or region of rock, characterized by particular fossils (zone fossils), metamorphism, structural deformity, etc.  
6      (Ecology)   an area, esp. a belt of land, having a particular flora and fauna determined by the prevailing environmental conditions  
7      (Maths)   a portion of a sphere between two parallel planes intersecting the sphere  
8      (Sport)  
a    a period during which a competitor is performing particularly well  
Hingis is in the zone at the moment     
b    modifier   of or relating to competitive performance that depends on the mood or state of mind of the participant  
a zone player     
9    Archaic or literary   a girdle or belt  
10      (N.Z.)   a section on a transport route; fare stage  
11      (N.Z.)   a catchment area for pupils for a specific school  
      vb   tr  
12    to divide into zones, as for different use, jurisdiction, activities, etc.  
13    to designate as a zone  
14    to mark with or divide into zones  
15      (N.Z.)   to establish (an area) as a zone for a specific school  
     (C15: from Latin zona girdle, climatic zone, from Greek zone)  
  zoning      n  

arid zone  
      n   either of the zones of latitude 15--30° N and S characterized by very low rainfall and desert or semidesert terrain  
Benioff zone  
      n   a long narrow region, usually adjacent to a continent, along which earthquake foci lie on a plane which dips downwards at about 45° and along which the oceanic lithosphere is thought to be descending into the earth's interior,   (Also called)    subduction zone  
     (C20: named after Hugo Benioff (1899--1968), American seismologist, who first discovered the phenomenon)  
Canal Zone  
      n   a former administrative region of the U.S., on the Isthmus of Panama around the Panama Canal: bordered on each side by the Republic of Panama, into which it was incorporated in 1979,   (Also called)    Panama Canal Zone  
climatic zone  
      n   any of the eight principal zones, roughly demarcated by lines of latitude, into which the earth can be divided on the basis of climate  
comfort zone  
      n   a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable, or in control  
women are forcing men out of the comfort zone     
convergence zone  
      n     (Geology)   a zone where tectonic plates collide, typified by earthquakes, mountain formation, and volcanic activity  
economic zone  
      n      another term for       exclusive economic zone  
end zone  
      n     (American football)   the area behind the goals at each end of the field that the ball must cross for a touchdown to be awarded  
enterprise zone  
      n   a designated zone in a depressed area, esp. an inner urban area, where firms are given tax concessions and various planning restrictions are lifted, in order to attract new industry and business to the area: first introduced in Britain in 1981  
exclusive economic zone  
      n   the coastal water and sea bed around a country's shores, to which it claims exclusive rights for fishing, oil exploration, etc.,   (Sometimes shortened to)    economic zone  
free zone  
      n   an area at a port where certain customs restrictions are not implemented  
   See also       free port  
Frigid Zone  
      n   the cold region inside the Arctic or Antarctic Circle where the sun's rays are very oblique  
hot zone  
      n     (Computing)   a variable area towards the end of a line of text that informs the operator that a decision must be taken as to whether to hyphenate or begin a new line  
Intertropical Convergence Zone  
      n     (Meteorol)   the zone of converging trade winds along the equator causing rising air currents and low atmospheric pressure,   (Abbrev.)    ITCZ  
low-velocity zone  
      n   a layer or zone in the earth in which the velocity of seismic waves is slightly lower than in the layers above and below. The asthenosphere is thought to be such a zone  
   See       asthenosphere  
nuclear-free zone  
      n   an area barred, esp. by local authorities, to the storage or deployment of nuclear weapons  
Panama Canal Zone  
      n      See       Canal Zone  
Russian Zone  
      n      another name for the       Soviet Zone  
skip zone  
      n   a region surrounding a broadcasting station that cannot receive transmissions either directly or by reflection off the ionosphere  
smokeless zone  
      n   an area designated by the local authority where only smokeless fuels are permitted  
Soviet Zone  
      n   that part of Germany occupied by Soviet forces in 1945--49: transformed into the German Democratic Republic in 1949--50,   (Also called)    Russian Zone  
subduction zone  
      n     (Geology)      another name for       Benioff zone  
Temperate Zone  
      n   those parts of the earth's surface lying between the Arctic Circle and the tropic of Cancer and between the Antarctic Circle and the tropic of Capricorn  
time zone  
      n   a region throughout which the same standard time is used. There are 24 time zones in the world, demarcated approximately by meridians at 15° intervals, an hour apart  
   See also       zonetime  
Torrid Zone  
Rare   that part of the earth's surface lying between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn  
twilight zone  
1    any indefinite or transitional condition or area  
2    an area of a city or town, usually surrounding the central business district, where houses have become dilapidated  
3    the lowest level of the ocean to which light can penetrate  
zone of saturation  
      n   the ground below the water table  
zone refining  
      n   a technique for producing solids of extreme purity, esp. for use in semiconductors. The material, in the form of a bar, is melted in one small region that is passed along the solid. Impurities concentrate in the melt and are moved to the end of the bar  

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area, belt, district, region, section, sector, sphere  

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a type of work that goes on 24 hours from 24 hours because the teams performing it are located in various time zones.
E.g: Some claim that follow-the-sun is a business failure. It can be used also as a verb (Our team follows the sun ) or as an adjective (We offer follow-the-sun business support) .
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