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hound's-tooth check


      n   a pattern of broken or jagged checks, esp. one printed on or woven into cloth,   (Also called)    dogs-tooth check, dogtooth check  
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hound          [1]  
a    any of several breeds of dog used for hunting  
b    (in combination)  
an otterhound, a deerhound     
2    the hounds   a pack of foxhounds, etc.  
3    a dog, esp. one regarded as annoying  
4    a despicable person  
5    (in hare and hounds) a runner who pursues a hare  
6    Slang     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   an enthusiast  
an autograph hound     
7       short for       houndfish  
See also  
8    ride to hounds or follow the hounds   to take part in a fox hunt with hounds  
      vb   tr  
9    to pursue or chase relentlessly  
10    to urge on  
     (Old English hund; related to Old High German hunt, Old Norse hundr, Gothic hunds)  
  hounder      n  

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1    chase, drive, give chase, hunt, hunt down, pursue  
2    badger, goad, harass, harry, impel, persecute, pester, prod, provoke  

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verification conducted by police to find out if a person has a criminal record or not.
Usually requested by an individual for new employment, citizenship applications, name changes, etc.
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