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      vb   , hugs, hugging, hugged   mainly tr  
1    also intr   to clasp (another person or thing) tightly or (of two people) to cling close together; embrace  
2    to keep close to a shore, kerb, etc.  
3    to cling to (beliefs, etc.); cherish  
4    to congratulate (oneself); be delighted with (oneself)  
5    a tight or fond embrace  
     (C16: probably of Scandinavian origin; related to Old Norse hugga to comfort, Old English hogian to take care of)  
  huggable      adj  
  hugger      n  

bear hug  
1    a wrestling hold in which the arms are locked tightly round an opponent's chest and arms  
2    any similar tight embrace  
3      (Commerce)   an approach to the board of one company by another to indicate that an offer is to be made for their shares  
bunny hug  
1    a ballroom dance with syncopated rhythm, popular in America in the early 20th century  
2    a piece of music in the rhythm of this dance  
      n   a woman's knitted jacket  
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1    clasp, cuddle, embrace, enfold, hold close, squeeze, take in one's arms  
2    cling to, follow closely, keep close, stay near  
3    cherish, cling, hold onto, nurse, retain  
4    bear hug, clasp, clinch     (slang)   embrace, squeeze  

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