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a    the pursuit and killing or capture of game and wild animals, regarded as a sport  
b    (as modifier)  
hunting boots, hunting lodge         Related adj       venatic  

      n   a sport in which hunters follow a pack of hounds in pursuit of a fox  
  fox-hunter      n  
happy hunting ground  
1    (in American Indian legend) the paradise to which a person passes after death  
2    a productive or profitable area for a person with a particular interest or requirement  
jumble sales proved happy hunting grounds in her search for old stone jars     
1    the practice among certain peoples of removing the heads of slain enemies and preserving them as trophies  
2    the recruitment, esp. through an agency, of executives from one company to another, often rival, company  
3      (U.S.)  
slang   the destruction or neutralization of political opponents  
  head-hunter      n  
hunting cat   , leopard  
      n      another name for       cheetah  
hunting ground  
1    the area of a hunt  
2      (Also called)    happy hunting ground   any place containing a supply of what is wanted or in which a search is conducted  
some resorts are a happy hunting ground for souvenirs     
hunting horn  
1    a long straight metal tube with a flared end and a cylindrical bore, used in giving signals in hunting  
   See       horn       9  
2    an obsolete brass instrument from which the modern French horn was developed  
hunting knife  
      n   a knife used for flaying and cutting up game and sometimes for killing it  
hunting spider  
      n      another name for       wolf spider  
spider-hunting wasp  
      n   any solitary wasp of the superfamily Pompiloidea, having a slender elongated body: the fast-running female hunts spiders as a food store for her larvae  
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