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a      (Athletics)   one of a number of light barriers over which runners leap in certain events  
b    a low barrier used in certain horse races  
2    an obstacle to be overcome  
the next hurdle in his career     
3    a light framework of interlaced osiers, wattle, etc., used as a temporary fence  
4      (Brit)   a sledge on which criminals were dragged to their executions  
5    to jump (a hurdle, etc.), as in racing  
6    tr   to surround with hurdles  
7    tr   to overcome  
     (Old English hyrdel; related to Gothic haurds door, Old Norse hurth door, Old High German hurd, Latin cratis, Greek kurtos basket)  
  hurdler      n  

hurdle rate  
      n     (Finance)   the rate of return that a proposed project must provide if it is to be worth considering: usually calculated as the cost of the capital involved adjusted by a risk factor  
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1    barricade, barrier, block, fence, hedge, wall  
2    barrier, block, complication, difficulty, handicap, hazard, hindrance, impediment, obstacle, obstruction, snag, stumbling block  

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