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1    a material object, esp. a carved image, that is worshipped as a god  
2      (Christianity, Judaism)   any being (other than the one God) to which divine honour is paid  
3    a person who is revered, admired, or highly loved  
     (C13: from Late Latin idolum, from Latin: image, from Greek eidolon, from eidos shape, form)  

matinée idol  
      n   (esp. in the 1930s and 1940s) an actor popular as a romantic figure among women  
Moorish idol  
      n   a tropical marine spiny-finned fish, Zanclus canescens, that is common around coral reefs: family Zanclidae. It has a deeply compressed body with yellow and black stripes, a beaklike snout, and an elongated dorsal fin  
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1    deity, god, graven image, image, pagan symbol  
2      (figurative)   beloved, darling, favourite, hero, pet, pin-up     (slang)   superstar  

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