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      vb   tr  
1    to try to follow the manner, style, character, etc., of or take as a model  
many writers imitated the language of Shakespeare     
2    to pretend to be or to impersonate, esp. for humour; mimic  
3    to make a copy or reproduction of; duplicate; counterfeit  
4    to make or be like; resemble or simulate  
her achievements in politics imitated her earlier successes in business     
     (C16: from Latin imitari; see image)  
  imitable      adj  
  imitability, imitableness      n  
  imitator      n  
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affect, ape, burlesque, caricature, copy, counterfeit, do     (informal)   do an impression of, duplicate, echo, emulate, follow, follow in the footsteps of, follow suit, impersonate, mimic, mirror, mock, parody, personate, repeat, send up     (Brit. informal)   simulate, spoof     (informal)   take a leaf out of (someone's) book, take off     (informal)   travesty  

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