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1    completely clean; extremely tidy  
his clothes were immaculate     
2    completely flawless, etc.  
an immaculate rendering of the symphony     
3    morally pure; free from sin or corruption  
4      (Biology)   of only one colour, with no spots or markings  
     (C15: from Latin immaculatus, from im- (not) + macula blemish)  
  immaculacy, immaculateness      n  
  immaculately      adv  

Immaculate Conception  
      n     (Christian theol, R.C. Church)   the doctrine that the Virgin Mary was conceived without any stain of original sin  
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1    clean, impeccable, neat, neat as a new pin, spick-and-span, spruce, squeaky-clean, trim, unexceptionable  
2    above reproach, faultless, flawless, guiltless, impeccable, incorrupt, innocent, perfect, pure, sinless, spotless, squeaky-clean, stainless, unblemished, uncontaminated, undefiled, unpolluted, unsullied, untarnished, virtuous  
   contaminated, corrupt, dirty, filthy, impeachable, impure, polluted, stained, tainted, unclean  

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