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      adj   usually prenominal  
1    taking place or accomplished without delay  
an immediate reaction     
2    closest or most direct in effect or relationship  
the immediate cause of his downfall     
3    having no intervening medium; direct in effect  
an immediate influence     
4    contiguous in space, time, or relationship  
our immediate neighbour     
5    present; current  
the immediate problem is food     
6      (Philosophy)   of or relating to an object or concept that is directly known or intuited  
7      (Logic)   (of an inference) deriving its conclusion from a single premise, esp. by conversion or obversion of a categorial statement  
     (C16: from Medieval Latin immediatus, from Latin im- (not) + mediare to be in the middle; see mediate)  
  immediacy, immediateness      n  

immediate annuity  
      n   an annuity that starts less than a year after its purchase  
   Compare       deferred annuity  
immediate constituent  
      n   a constituent of a linguistic construction at the first step in an analysis; for example, the immediate constituents of a sentence are the subject and the predicate  
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1    instant, instantaneous  
2    adjacent, close, contiguous, direct, near, nearest, next, primary, proximate, recent  
3    actual, current, existing, extant, on hand, present, pressing, up to date, urgent  
   delayed, distant, far, late, later, leisurely, postponed, remote, slow, tardy  

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