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1    protected against a specific disease by inoculation or as the result of innate or acquired resistance  
2    relating to or conferring immunity  
an immune body         See       antibody  
3    usually postpositive; foll by: to   unsusceptible (to) or secure (against)  
immune to inflation     
4    exempt from obligation, penalty, etc.  
5    an immune person or animal  
     (C15: from Latin immunis exempt from a public service, from im- (not) + munus duty)  

acquired immune deficiency syndrome   , acquired immunodeficiency syndrome  
      n      the full name for       AIDS  
immune complex   , immunocomplex  
      n   a complex formed between an antibody and an antigen  
immune response  
      n   the reaction of an organism's body to foreign materials (antigens), including the production of antibodies  
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clear, exempt, free, insusceptible, invulnerable, let off     (informal)   not affected, not liable, not subject, proof (against), protected, resistant, safe, unaffected  
   exposed, liable, prone, susceptible, unprotected, vulnerable  

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