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      vb   tr  
1    to establish firmly; inculcate; instil  
to implant sound moral principles     
2    to plant or embed; infix; entrench  
3      (Surgery)  
a    to graft (a tissue) into the body  
b    to insert (a radioactive substance, hormone, etc.) into the tissues  
4    anything implanted, esp. surgically, such as a tissue graft or hormone  
  implanter      n  

cochlear implant  
      n   a device that stimulates the acoustic nerve in the inner ear in order to produce some form of hearing in people who are deaf from inner ear disease  
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1    inculcate, infix, infuse, inseminate, instil, sow  
2    embed, fix, graft, ingraft, insert, place, plant, root, sow  

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