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1    something that binds, fastens, or holds together, such as a chain or rope  
2    often pl   something that brings or holds people together; tie  
a bond of friendship     
3    pl   something that restrains or imprisons; captivity or imprisonment  
4    something that governs behaviour; obligation; duty  
5    a written or spoken agreement, esp. a promise  
marriage bond     
6    adhesive quality or strength  
7      (Finance)   a certificate of debt issued in order to raise funds. It carries a fixed rate of interest and is repayable with or without security at a specified future date  
8      (Law)   a written acknowledgment of an obligation to pay a sum or to perform a contract  
9      (Insurance)     (U.S. and Canadian)   a policy guaranteeing payment of a stated sum to an employer in compensation for financial losses incurred through illegal or unauthorized acts of an employee  
10    any of various arrangements of bricks or stones in a wall in which they overlap so as to provide strength  
11       See       chemical bond  
12       See       bond paper  
13    in bond            (Commerce)   deposited in a bonded warehouse  
      vb   mainly tr  
14    also intr   to hold or be held together, as by a rope or an adhesive; bind; connect  
15      (Aeronautics)   to join (metallic parts of an aircraft) together such that they are electrically interconnected  
16    to put or hold (goods) in bond  
17      (Law)   to place under bond  
18      (Finance)   to issue bonds on; mortgage  
19    to arrange (bricks, etc.) in a bond  
     (C13: from Old Norse band; see band2)  
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1    band, binding, chain, cord, fastening, fetter, ligature, link, manacle, shackle, tie  
2    affiliation, affinity, attachment, connection, link, relation, tie, union  
3    agreement, compact, contract, covenant, guarantee, obligation, pledge, promise, word  
4    bind, connect, fasten, fix together, fuse, glue, gum, paste  

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