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1    not certain or determined; unsettled  
2    without exact limits; indeterminate  
an indefinite number     
3    vague, evasive, or unclear  
4      (Also)    indeterminate     (Botany)  
a    too numerous to count  
indefinite stamens     
b    capable of continued growth at the tip of the stem, which does not terminate in a flower  
an indefinite inflorescence     
  indefinitely      adv  
  indefiniteness      n  

indefinite article  
      n     (Grammar)   a determiner that expresses nonspecificity of reference, such as a, an, or some  
   Compare       definite article  
indefinite integral  
      n     (Maths)  
a    any function whose derivative is the given function, as x2, x2 + 3, x2--5, etc. of 2x  
b    the schema representing all such functions, here x2 + k  
c    the symbolic representation of this as a function of the given function, written ∫f(x)dx where f(x) is the given function  
d    the symbol ∫  
indefinite pronoun  
      n     (Grammar)   a pronoun having no specific referent, such as someone, anybody, or nothing  
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ambiguous, confused, doubtful, equivocal, evasive, general, ill-defined, imprecise, indeterminate, indistinct, inexact, loose, obscure, oracular, uncertain, unclear, undefined, undetermined, unfixed, unknown, unlimited, unsettled, vague  
   certain, clear, definite, determinate, distinct, exact, fixed, settled, specific  

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