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indeterminacy principle


      n      another name for       uncertainty principle  
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uncertainty principle  
      n   the. the principle that energy and time or position and momentum, cannot both be accurately measured simultaneously. The product of their uncertainties is always greater than or equal to h/4π, where h is the Planck constant,   (Also called)    Heisenberg uncertainty principle, indeterminacy principle         

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1    uncertain in extent, amount, or nature  
2    not definite; inconclusive  
an indeterminate reply     
3    unable to be predicted, calculated, or deduced  
4      (Physics, etc.)   (of an effect) not obeying the law of causality; noncausal  
5      (Maths)  
a    having no numerical meaning, as 0.00 and 0/0  
b    (of an equation) having more than one variable and an unlimited number of solutions  
6      (Botany)      another word for       indefinite       4  
7    (of a structure, framework, etc.) comprising forces that cannot be fully analysed, esp. by vector analysis  
   indeterminacy, indetermination, indeterminateness             n  
  indeterminately      adv  

indeterminacy principle  
      n      another name for       uncertainty principle  

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