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      vb   tr  
1    often foll by an infinitive   to persuade or use influence on  
2    to cause or bring about  
3      (Med)   to initiate or hasten (labour), as by administering a drug to stimulate uterine contractions  
4      (Logic, obsolete)   to assert or establish (a general proposition, hypothesis, etc.) by induction  
5    to produce (an electromotive force or electrical current) by induction  
6    to transmit (magnetism) by induction  
     (C14: from Latin inducere to lead in, from ducere to lead)  
  inducer      n  
  inducible      adj  
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1    actuate, convince, draw, encourage, get, impel, incite, influence, instigate, move, persuade, press, prevail upon, prompt, talk into  
2    bring about, cause, effect, engender, generate, give rise to, lead to, occasion, produce, set in motion, set off  
   curb, deter, discourage, dissuade, hinder, prevent, restrain, stop, suppress  

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