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1    when intr, often foll by: in   to yield to or gratify (a whim or desire for)  
to indulge a desire for new clothes, to indulge in new clothes     
2    tr   to yield to the wishes of; pamper  
to indulge a child     
3    tr   to allow oneself the pleasure of something  
at Christmas he liked to indulge himself     
4    tr     (Commerce)   to allow (a debtor) an extension of time for payment of (a bill, etc.)  
5    intr  
Informal   to take alcoholic drink, esp. to excess  
     (C17: from Latin indulgere to concede, from -dulgere, probably related to Greek dolikhos long, Gothic tulgus firm)  
  indulger      n  
  indulgingly      adv  
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1    cater to, feed, give way to, gratify, pander to, regale, satiate, satisfy, treat oneself to, yield to  
2      (with)       in   bask in, give free rein to, give oneself up to, luxuriate in, revel in, wallow in  
3    baby, coddle, cosset, favour, fawn on, foster, give in to, go along with, humour, mollycoddle, pamper, pet, spoil  

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! indulge in horseplay n.

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