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1    a child at the earliest stage of its life; baby  
2      (Law)      another word for       minor       10  
3      (Brit)   a young schoolchild, usually under the age of seven  
4    a person who is beginning or inexperienced in an activity  
5    modifier  
a    of or relating to young children or infancy  
b    designed or intended for young children  
6    in an early stage of development; nascent  
an infant science or industry     
7      (Law)   of or relating to the legal status of infancy  
     (C14: from Latin infans, literally: speechless, from in-1 + fari to speak)  
  infanthood      n  

infant prodigy  
      n   an exceptionally talented child  
infant school  
      n   (in England and Wales) a school for children aged between 5 and 7  
   Compare       junior school  
sudden infant death syndrome  
      n      a technical term for       cot death     (Abbrev.)    SIDS  
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      n   ankle-biter     (Austral. slang)   babe, babe in arms, baby, bairn     (Scot.)   child, little one, neonate, newborn child, rug rat     (slang)   sprog     (slang)   suckling, toddler, tot, wean     (Scot.)  
      adj   baby, dawning, developing, early, emergent, growing, immature, initial, nascent, newborn, unfledged, young  

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! ZZ of infant. adv.
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