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      vb   mainly tr  
1    to cause infection in; contaminate (an organism, wound, etc.) with pathogenic microorganisms  
2    also intr   to affect or become affected with a communicable disease  
3    to taint, pollute, or contaminate  
4    to affect, esp. adversely, as if by contagion  
5      (Computing)   to affect or become affected with a computer virus  
6      (Chiefly international law)   to taint with crime or illegality; expose to penalty or subject to forfeiture  
7    Archaic   contaminated or polluted with or as if with a disease; infected  
     (C14: from Latin inficere to dip into, stain, from facere to make)  
  infector, infecter      n  
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affect, blight, contaminate, corrupt, defile, influence, poison, pollute, spread to or among, taint, touch, vitiate  

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