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1    (of a disease) capable of being transmitted  
   Compare       contagious  
2    (of a disease) caused by microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, or protozoa  
3    causing or transmitting infection  
4    tending or apt to spread, as from one person to another  
infectious mirth     
5      (International law)  
a    tainting or capable of tainting with illegality  
b    rendering liable to seizure or forfeiture  
  infectiously      adv  
  infectiousness      n  

infectious hepatitis  
      n   any form of hepatitis caused by viruses  
   See       hepatitis A       hepatitis B  
infectious mononucleosis  
      n   an acute infectious disease, caused by Epstein-Barr virus, characterized by fever, sore throat, swollen and painful lymph nodes, and abnormal lymphocytes in the blood,   (Also called)    glandular fever  
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catching, communicable, contagious, contaminating, corrupting, defiling, infective, pestilential, poisoning, polluting, spreading, transmittable, virulent, vitiating  

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