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1    tr; often foll by: of or about   to give information to; tell  
2    tr; often foll by: of or about   to make conversant (with)  
3    intr; often foll by: against or on   to give information regarding criminals, as to the police, etc.  
4    to give form to  
5    to impart some essential or formative characteristic to  
6    tr   to animate or inspire  
7    tr  
a    to train or educate  
b    to report  
     (C14: from Latin informare to give form to, describe, from formare to form)  
  informable      adj  
  informedly      adv  
  informingly      adv  
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inform          [2]  
Archaic   without shape; unformed  
     (C16: from Latin informis from in-1 + forma shape)  

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1    acquaint, advise, apprise, clue in     (informal)   communicate, enlighten, give (someone) to understand, instruct, keep (someone) posted, leak to, let know, make conversant (with), notify, put (someone) in the picture     (informal)   send word to, teach, tell, tip off  
2      (often with)       against or on   betray, blab, blow the gaff     (Brit. slang)   blow the whistle on     (informal)   clype     (Scot.)   denounce, grass     (Brit. slang)   incriminate, inculpate, let the cat out of the bag, nark     (Brit., Austral., & N.Z. slang)   peach     (slang)   put the finger on     (informal)   rat     (informal)   shop     (slang, chiefly Brit.)   sing     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   snitch     (slang)   spill one's guts     (slang)   spill the beans     (informal)   squeal     (slang)   tell all, tell on     (informal)  
3    animate, characterize, illuminate, imbue, inspire, permeate, suffuse, typify  

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