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1    fluid injected into the body, esp. for medicinal purposes  
2    something injected  
3    the act of injecting  
a    the act or process of introducing fluid under pressure, such as fuel into the combustion chamber of an engine  
b    (as modifier)  
injection moulding     
5      (Maths)   a function or mapping for which f(x) = f(y) only if x = y and for which the image of every element of the domain is contained in the image space  
   See also       surjection       bijection  
  injective      adj  

blast injection  
      n   the injection of liquid fuel directly into the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine using a blast of high-pressure air to atomize the spray of fuel  
   Compare       solid injection  
direct injection  
      n      See       solid injection  
fuel injection  
      n   a system for introducing atomized liquid fuel under pressure directly into the combustion chambers of an internal-combustion engine without the use of a carburettor  
solid injection  
      n   injection of fuel directly into the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine without the assistance of an air blast to atomize the fuel,   (Also called (in a petrol engine))    direct injection      Compare       blast injection  
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1    inoculation, jab     (informal)   shot     (informal)   vaccination, vaccine  
2    dose, infusion, insertion, interjection, introduction  

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a substance containing a harmless form of the germs that cause a particular disease. It is given to people, usually by injection, to prevent them from getting that disease.
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