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1      (Law)   an instruction or order issued by a court to a party to an action, esp. to refrain from some act, such as causing a nuisance  
2    a command, admonition, etc.  
3    the act of enjoining  
     (C16: from Late Latin injunctio, from Latin injungere to enjoin)  
  injunctive      adj  
  injunctively      adv  

Mareva injunction  
      n     (Law)   an order enabling the court to freeze the assets of a defendant, esp. to prevent him from taking them abroad  
     (C20: named after Mareva Companai Naviera SA, the plaintiff in an early case (1975) in which such an order was made)  
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admonition, command, dictate, exhortation, instruction, mandate, order, precept, ruling  

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